Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Oxford, Bodleian Library, Tanner 192

s. XIV2.


France (Pächt/Alexander) or southern Iberian peninsula (King); notes in Portuguese f. 7v.


Parchment, 124 f., one main hand copied f. 1r-118r, decorated initials.

Comput, arithmetic and astronomy: astronomical calendar (1r-6r); Tabula Gerlandi (6v-7v), with canons (8ra-9ra); Balduinus de Mardochio or Marrochio, Compotus manualis (9ra-18ra); Ricardus Anglicus (?), Algorismus minutiarum (18rb-22va); ‘Pro astrolabio faciendo primo fac circulum Capricorni…’ (22va-23vb); Sacrobosco, Algorismus (24ra-30rb); Sacrobosco, De sphera (30va-43ra); Sacrobosco, Computus (43ra-67ra); Robertus Anglicus, Quadrans vetus (67ra-73vb), with solar tables 1296-1299 (74r-76r); Pseudo-Messahallah, De compositione astrolabii (76va-95vb); Theorica planetarum Gerardi (95vb-103rb); Pseudo-Thebit Bencora, De motu octave spere (103rb-106vb); Ptolemaica (106vb-107vb); Prophatius Judeus, Quadrans novus (108ra-118rb); fainted notes (118v); algorismus, beginning gone (119r-122r); geometrical figures (122v-123r); computus tables (123v-124v).


A. Hackman, Catalogi codicum manuscriptorum Bibliothecae Bodleianae, IV: Codices viri admodum reverend Thomae Tanneri, S.T.P. episcopi Asaphensis complectens, Oxford, 1860, 630-632; O. Pächt, J. J. G. Alexander, Illuminated Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, I: German, Dutch, Flemish, French and Spanish Schools, Oxford, 1966, 49 (no. 629); D. A. King, The Ciphers of the Monks. A Forgotten Number-Notation of the Middle Ages, Stuttgart, 2001, 129-130.


‘Incipit liber Thebit Bencorath de hiis que indigent expositione antequam legatur Almagesti. Equator diei est circulus maior qui describitur super duos polos orbis — Gardus vero gressus stelle est gradus cum quo mediatur celum…’

= Thebit Bencora, De hiis que indigent expositione antequam legatur Almagesti (C.1.1), incomplete, the text breaks off after the first sentence of §14 in Carmody’s edition and the four following lines have been erased. A couple of corrections by the scribe and a few marginal notes by another hand.