Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Mashhad, Kitābkhāna-yi markazī-yi Āstān-i Quds-i Raḍawī, 29012

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Single work: Arabic. Date:

Rabīʿ al-thānī 1237/December 1821-January 1822 (p. 500).


unknown; copied by ʿAlī b. Salīm al-Efendī (p. 500).


an ownership statement by Muḥammad Bakr (?) dated 1254/1838-9, accompanied by an erased seal (p. 1). An ownership statement by Shaykh Muḥammad Ṣādiq dated Shaʿbān 1330/July-August 1912 in Zanjan, together with his oval seal and a square seal (p. 1). A statement of endowment dated 22 Dhū l-qaʿda 1330/2 November 1912 in favour of Khadija Sulṭān, who entrusted the manuscript to Shaykh Zayn al-ʿAbādīn, and after him to the highest scholar of Dār al-Saʿāda in Zanjan (p. 501, with two copies of a blue seal, same seal also on p. 500). An ownership statement (?) by ʿAlī b. … dated 1336/1917-8 together with two illegible black oval seals (p. 501). An erased ownership statement dated 1152 (?) with an oval seal (p. 1).

Cod.: paper, 502 pp. (paginated with Hindu-Arabic numerals, Persian variants, in pencil; quire numbers for quaternions; catchwords in the hand of the scribe, on pp. 2, 6, 8, 10, and 14 not corresponding to the following pages). A clear, elegant and dense nastaʿlīq hand. Mostly dotted ductus; some vowels, several hamzas, and some shaddas; frequent use of lām-alif mukhaffafa. Rubrication in red thuluth script or with red overline. Some chapter and book titles added in the margins by the same hand. No tables; all three horoscopes usually found in this commentary (pp. 423, 428 and 431). Dimensions: 290×190 mm; 21 lines per page. Codex in good condition with some ink stains; the first part of the manuscript apparently wrongly bound before the pages were numbered.

Cont.: astrology. — Index: title page (p. 1); Ptolemaica (pp. 2–500); endowment statement (p. 501, see above); fragments of the poem Mathnawiyyāt by Saʿdī Shīrāzī (p. 502, in the right margin).

Bibl.: FankhāMuṣṭafā Dirāyatī, Fihristgān-i nuskhahā-yi khaṭṭī-yi Īrān (Fankhā), 45 vols, Tehran: Library, Museum and Documentation Center of The Islamic Consultative Assembly, 20 2011, vol. XVIII, p. 973 (no. 19). Āstān-i Quds-i Raḍawī online catalogue:

pp. 2–⁠500

\p. 2\ ⟨…⟩ قال أبو الحسن علي ابن رضوان بن علي بن جعفر المتطبّب قصدنا أن نشرح أقاويل الحكيم بطلميوس في صناعة القضاء بالنجوم على الحوادث فنقول إنّ القضاء بالنجوم على الحوادث صناعة تبنئ على مبادئ صادقة بالمتكوّنات المزمعة وذالك أنّ مباديها الصادقة هي أشياء تبيّن بعضها في العلم الطبيعيّ وبعضها في العلم التعليميّ — \p. 500\ فهذه أشياء قد شرحتها لك فانعم النظر فيها وتأمّلها والله يهدي من يشاء إلى صراط مستقيم.

= ʿAlī ibn Riḍwān, Tafsīr al-Maqālāt al-arbaʿ (C.2.3)

. — Title: Arbaʿa Maqālāt li-Baṭlamiyūs (p. 1). — Index: I.1 (=I), pp. 2–47; I.2 (=II), pp. 47–93; I.3 (=III), pp. 93–130; II.1 (=IV), pp. 130–170; II.2 (=V), pp. 170–216; II.3 (=VI), pp. 217–250; III.1 (=VII), pp. 251–293; III.2 (=VIII), pp. 293–340; III.3 (=IX), pp. 340–392; IV.1 (= X), pp. 392–443; IV.2 (= XI), pp. 443–476; IV.3 (= XII), pp. 476–500. — Only occasional marginal corrections. Rubricated words as well as book and chapter titles in red often added in the margins in the hand of the scribe. Some annotations and horoscopes in a hasty black nastaʿlīq hand, mostly in the margins of Book IV (e.g., pp. 452–453).