Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, n.a.l. 208

s. XVex.

Paper, 21 f., two hands (f. 2-21r and 21v-22r).

Astrology and astronomy: treatise on nativities (2r-21r) opening with Ptolemaica (2r-2v) – this treatise also occurs in MS Basel, UB, O.III.31, f. 5r-18v (see), where it is entitled ‘Liber continens canonem magistri Alberti de Pruzaff super nativitates et iudicia, coll<e>ctium (!) in universitate Cracoviensi’; ‘Ad inveniendum verum motum Saturni, Iovis et Martis, primo quere…’ (21v-22r). Blank: 1, 22v.


L. Delisle, Bibliothèque nationale. Manuscrits latins et français ajoutés aux fonds des nouvelles acquisitions pendant les années 1875-1891, Paris, 1891, I, 28; P. O. Kristeller, Iter Italicum, III, London-Leiden, 1983, 271; M. Markowski, Astronomica et astrologica Cracoviensia ante annum 1550, Firenze, 1990, 318; D. Juste, Catalogus Codicum Astrologorum Latinorum, II: Les manuscrits astrologiques latins conservés à la Bibliothèque nationale de France à Paris, Paris, 2015, 252.


‘<C>irculum pro exitu geniture ab utero iuxta verbum Pto<lomei> 51 rectificare. Primo considerandum est tempus geniture in anno, die, hora — in tabula a tempore sequente.’

= Albertus de Brudzewo (?), Circulum pro exitu geniture ab utero iuxta verbum Ptolomei 51 rectificare (C.3.17), as first chapter of the treatise of nativities. Glosses by the scribe.