Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Naples, Biblioteca Nazionale, VIII C 49

s. XIIIex (the scribe gives the position of the Head of the Dragon for the meridian of Toledo on 1 September 1288 in a note at the bottom of f. 80v; the years 1284-1285 and 1294-1295 mentioned in the notes f. 2r and 2v).

Parchment, 141 f., one main hand or several similar hands.

Astronomy, arithmetic and music: torn folio containing the fragment of a text mostly illegible (1r-1v); horoscope with note mentioning the years 1285 and 1284, partly illegible, added (2r); representation of the constellations with note mentioning the years 1294 and 1295, partly illegible, added (2v-3r); Toledan tables (3v-66v); other astronomical tables (67r-81v), including tables for 1201-1318 (81r-81v); John of London, star table for 1246 in Paris (82r); astronomical diagram with notes (82v); Ptolemaica (83r-97r); astronomical diagram with notes (97v); lists of stars of the 12 signs (98r-100r); ‘Diversitatem aspectus Lune in longitudine…’, first lines only (100va); canons Cb of Toledan tables ‘Quoniam cuiusque actionis quantitatem…’ (103r-108v); ‘Incipit trac<ta>tus astrolabii. Capitulum primum. Astrolabium dicitur quasi astrorum labium per similitudinem…’, beginning only (111r); astronomical tables up to 1300 (111v-119r); ‘Ex libro Alpetragii in astrologia sua. Dico quod superius celum quando…’ (121ra-123vb); astronomical tables and diagrams (124r-125v); Robertus Anglicus, Quadrans vetus (126ra-129vb); Sacrobosco, De sphera (130ra-135vb); Sacrobosco, Algorismus (136ra-139rb); Boethius, De musica, incomplete (139va-141vb). Blank: 100vb-102v, 109r-110v, 119v-120v (except for incomplete astronomical diagrams).




‘Stellatio Urse Minoris 7. Illa que est super extremitatem Capricorni in extremo Caude: 2s 0° 10′ – 66° 0′ – 3. Illa que post istam et super Caudam: 2s 2° 30′ – 70° 0′ – 4 — Declivior earum ad sept<entrionem>: 9s 13° 50′ – 14° 50′ – 4.’

= Ptolemy, Almagesti (tr. Gerard of Cremona) (A.1.2), VII.5-VIII.1, star catalogue, with note added by the scribe at the end: ‘Nota quod stelle posite a Ptolomeo in Almagesti deficiunt in 15 gradibus ab illis eisdem que posite sunt Parisius anno domini 1246o in longitudine [cf. f. 82r above]’. No glosses.