Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Work C.1.30.2

Theon of Alexandria
〈Commentum in Almagesti〉 (tr. in or before 1556)

A partial translation, made of two chapters only (I.9-10), by an anonymous translator. The date 1 December 1556, given at the end of the text in the only known manuscript, may be that of the copy. The manuscript in question belonged to Johannes Praetorius.

Text ‘(Munich, BSB, Clm 719a) Ex Theone, Ptolemaei commentatore [note in upper margin by a contemporary hand]. De particularium scientiis. De initiis alicuius doctrinae dicturus planius, sicut in prioribus ea quae de mathematticis (!) speculationibus summatim oportebat proponere — ut X partibus habebimus circumferentiam quae a recta dicta subtenditur. Finis. 1 Dec. 56.’

Bibl. 450 Jahre Copernicus „De revolutionibus“. Astronomische und mathematische Bücher aus Schweinfurter Bibliotheken. Ausstellung des Stadtarchivs Schweinfurt in Zusammenarbeit mit der Bibliothek Otto Schäfer (21. November 1993 – 19. Juni 1994), ed. U. Müller, Schweinfurt, 1998, 49 and 333-334, no. 153 (entries by M. Folkerts).

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