Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Work B.15

Liber Ptholomei regis Egiptii

A text of astral magic, of which only the first lines survive in a fifteenth-century manuscript.


‘(Paris, BnF, lat. 17178) Ptholomei regis Egiptii liber incipit. Antiquorum secreta ruminando philosophorum nullum opus in arte misci (?) opere de y<maginib>us certius nec fortius… Sequitur operatio y<maginis> ad civitatis destructionem. Si ergo volueris operari ad destructionem alicuius civitatis vel castri vel villae, funde y<maginem> Saturni — carmen convenies tali negocio quod in fine libri sequitur parte (?) acci…’


G. Bohak, C. Burnett, Thābit ibn Qurra On Talismans and Ps.-Ptolemy On Images 1-9, Together with the Liber prestigiorum Thebidis of Adelard of Bath, Firenze, 2021, 33 n. 58.

Modern ed.



Paris, BnF, lat. 17178, s. XV, f. 33vImages