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Work C.1.15

Johannes Andree Schindel
Tractatus de quantitate trium solidorum

A commentary on Almagest V.13-16, on the distances and sizes of the Moon, the Sun and the earth, written by Johannes Andree Schindel in 1420, that is, two year after he finished lecturing on the Almagest at the University of Prague (see C.1.14).

Text ‘(Munich, BSB, Clm 56) Incipit tractatus de quantitate trium solidorum. Capitulum primum de distantia Lune a terra. Quia tria corpora solida particularium quia quod modicum distat nichil distare videtur etc. Explicit tractatus de quantitate trium solidorum secundum sententiam Ptolomei in Almagesti etc.’

Bibl. P. Spunar, Repertorium auctorum Bohemorum provectum idearum post Universitatem Pragensem conditam illustrans, 2 vols, Wrocław-Warszawa, 1985-1995 [Studia Copernicana, XXV and XXXV], I, 136 (no. 368).

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