Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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London, Wellcome Library, Ar. 884

[Colour scanned images of the textblock and covers.]
Collection with one main text: Arabic. Date:



unknown; unknown scribe.


old shelfmarks: ‘Misc. 376’, ‘WMS Or. 366’ (I, Ia).

Cod.: brown paper, III+340+IIIa pp. (paginated with Hindu-Arabic numerals in the upper inner margins, with ‘66’ and ‘242’ repeated; foliated with Arabic-European numerals from 1 to 30 in the upper left corner of rectos, with several irregularities, up to p. 77; no catchwords). A quick and slightly irregular black naskh hand, difficult to read; mostly dotted ductus with occasional diacritics. Red ink for titles and chapter beginnings; one to three random words per line overlined in red. Numerous tables and magical shapes in red and black, rather carelessly drawn. Codex in good condition; some smudges and moisture stains. Dimensions: c. 17×11.5 cm; 10–12 lines per page. Marbled cardboard covers with reddish leather quarter binding. Type III binding.

Cont.: astrology, divination, and magic. — Index: the last page of an unidentified text (p. III); a collection of texts on astrology, divination and magic, including a calculus of the victorious and the vanquished (pp. 1–32); Ptolemaica (pp. 32–336); four magical squares, associated with the four elements (p. 337); list of abjad numerals and the corresponding numbers written out (pp. 338–339). Some inserted sheets with magical shapes and computations (between pp. 212–213, 232–233, 277-278). Added notes and calculations, mostly in pencil, on the inner covers, pp. I–II and Ia–IIIa. Blank: p. 340.

Bibl.: Wellcome Collection: (with scans).

pp. 32–⁠336

\p. 33\ القول على البرج الأوّل الحمل وطالعه المرّيخ ناريّ يكون رجل صعب المراض سريع الغضب — \p. 183\ والبخور المذكور على ما فيه ذكره سابقًا على حسب التحقيق والتحرير (كذا) والله أعلم. \p. 184\ هذه طوالع مواليد النساء قال الحكيم بطليموس ومن معه من حكماء الهند القول على البرج الأوّل الحمل وطالعه مرّيخ ناريّ فإنّها تكون امرأة بيضة اللون مشربة بحمرة حاذقة لبيبة — \p. 336\ وزعفران بالبخور المذكور فإنّها تحصل لها قبولًا ومحبّة ومودّة وهذه الأقوال على سبيل التجارب انتهى تمّ.

= Pseudo-Ptolemy and the Indians, Kitāb Ṭāliʿ al-mawlūd mukhtaṣar li-l-rijāl wa-l-nisāʾ (B.3.3)

. — Title: Kitab Ṭāliʿ al-mawlūd mukhtaṣar li-l-rijāl wa-l-nisāʾ taʾlīf Baṭlīmūs al-ḥakīm wa-man maʿahū min al-ḥukamāʾ al-Hind wa-Allāh aʿlam (p. 32). — Additional titles: Ṭawāliʿ mawālīd al-nisāʾ (p. 184). — Index: title page, p. 32; nativities of men for all twelve signs, pp. 33–183; nativities of women for all twelve signs, pp. 184–336. — Short scribal colophons for the two parts. No marginalia.