Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Doha, Matḥaf al-fann al-islāmī, 131

[Colour scanned images of the textblock and covers.]
Incomplete single work: Arabic. Date:

c. 13th century (Sotheby’s).


unknown, probably the Maghreb; unknown scribe.


most likely originally bound together with MSS Fes, al-Qarawiyyīn, 654 and London, Khalili Foundation, MS 375. Auctioned by Sotheby’s in 2005.

Cod.: parchment, 8 ff. (unfoliated; no catchwords). A single clear maghribī hand in dark brown, apparently the same as in MSS Fes, al-Qarawiyyīn, 654 and London, Khalili Foundation, MS 375; mostly dotted ductus with occasional vowels and shaddas, occasional final hamzas. Chapter titles enlarged. Two diagrams with lines in red and letters in faded brown. Manuscript damaged by mold and moisture stains, especially in the margins; considerably worm-eaten. Dimensions: 24.5×18.5 cm; 15–17 lines per page (ruling visible). Red leather cover decorated with a blind stamped central mandorla and two pendants, all filled with floral patterns, and two double-line frames. Type III binding.

Cont.: astronomy. — Index: Ptolemaica (1r–8r). Blank: 3v, 8v.

Bibl.: Sotheby’s:


\1r\ النوع التاسع في تبيين الأبعاد العظمى من الشمس للزهرة وعطارد وإذ قد أرشدنا إلى الأبواب التي بها يوقف على ما يوجد من أمر التقدّم فقد يجب أن تتبع ذلك بأن نبيّن مبلغ الأبعاد العظمى من الشمس التي تكون لكوكب الزهرة وكوكب عطارد في واحد واحد من البروج التي يجب وجودها من قبل الأصول الموضوعة — \8r\ أمّا في الثاني فلأبعاد الصباحيّة لكوكب الزهرة وأمّا في الثالث فالأبعاد المسائيّة له أيضًا وأمّا في الرابع فالأبعاد الصباحيّة لكوكب عطارد وأمّا في الخامس فالأبعاد المسائيّة له والله المستعان. وهاذه صورة الجداول وهو آخر المقالة الثانية عشرة من كتاب بطلميوس في التعاليم.

= Ptolemy, al-Majisṭī (tr. Isḥāq b. Ḥunayn/Thābit b. Qurra) (A.1.2)

. — Index: leaves covering parts of Chapters XI.5, XI.7, XI.9 (complete), XI.10, XI.12 (complete), and XII.9 in great disorder; the correct order of the folios is as follows: 7 (XI.5); 6 (XI.7); 2 (XI.9); 4 (XI.10); 3, 5 (XI.12); 1, 8 (XII.9). This was originally part of the same manuscript as MS Fes, al-Qarawiyyīn, 654, which contains other parts of Book XII in the same hand and on the same material. Pages 15–18, 25–32 and 19–22 of the Fes manuscript exactly fill up the gap between the beginning and end of Chapter XII.9 in the Doha manuscript, so that the two manuscripts together contain this entire final chapter of Book XII without the table of maximum elongations of Venus and Mercury. It thus seems that the leaves of a (more or less) complete manuscript of the Almagest were at some point sold separately. — No marginalia.