Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Berlin, Staatsbibliothek Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Wetzstein II 1155

[Colour scanned images of the textblock.]
Collection: Arabic. Date:

ff. 1r–57r and 58r–64r copied in 1238/1822-3; remainder of the manuscript copied by the same hand.


unknown, possibly Egypt based on the copyist’s name and the fāʾida on the Nile on f. 64v; copied by Muḥammad b. Ibrāhīm al-Maghribī al-Dimyāṭī al-Azharī (57r, 64r).


Cod.: yellow paper, 70 ff. (foliated with European-Arabic numerals at the top left of rectos; catchwords). An irregular and sloppy black naskh hand; fully dotted ductus without diacritics. Titles, table headings and textual dividers in red, chapter beginnings overlined in red. Carelessly drawn tables in black with red headings and Hindu-Arabic numerals. Codex in good condition; binding loose, margins occasionally damaged. Dimensions: 15⅔×11¼ cm, written area: 11½×6 cm on ff. 1r–57r, larger on ff. 58r–66v; 13 lines per page on ff. 1r–57r, 16–18 lines on ff. 58r–66v. Cardboard covers with brown leather quarter binding. Type II binding.

Cont.: astrometeorology, astrology and divination. — Index: title page of the main treatise, with a fāʾida on the position of the Moon (1r); Ptolemaica (1v–57r); the end of an unidentified text, crossed out (58r); anonymous, Muqaddima laṭīfa fī akhadh ṭāliʿ al-sana wa-ṭāliʿ al-mawlūd wa-mā yutarattabu ʿalā dhālika min al-ḥawādith wa-l-dalāʾil (58r–64r); two fāʾidas on the level of the Nile and on nativities (64v); a poem on the features of the natives in the twelve signs (65r–66v); tables for choosing the name of children, with instructions (67r–70r). Blank: 57v, 70v.

Bibl.: Wilhelm Ahlwardt, Verzeichniss der arabischen Handschriften der Königlichen Bibliothek zu Berlin, vol. V, Berlin: Asher, 1893, pp. 297 (no. 5897), 304 (no. 5910(2)), and 307–308 (no. 5916). Qalamos: (with scans).


\1v\ هذا تقويم الشعرى اليمانيّة من كتاب الحاكمي وهرمس الحكيم وبطليموس قالت الحكماء إنّ الشعرى كوكب كانت الجاهليّة فيما مضى يعبدوها — \57r\ الصبغ تشتري في كيهك وتباع في برموده الادهان كلّها تشتري في أبيب وتباع في برمهات.

= Pseudo-Ptolemy, al-Ḥākimī and Hermes, Taqwīm al-Shiʿrā al-yamāniyya (B.4.2)

. — Title: Kitāb Taqwīm al-Shiʿrā al-yamāniyya wa-mā fī dhālika min al-ḥawādith wa-l-dalāʾil fī kull sana (1r). — Additional title: Taqwīm al-Shiʿrā al-yamāniyya min Kitāb al-Ḥākimī wa-Hirmis al-ḥakīm wa-Baṭlīmūs (incipit, 1v). — Dated scribal colophon. No marginalia.