Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Berlin, Staatsbibliothek Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Sprenger 1840

[Colour scanned images of the textblock and covers.]
Single work: Arabic. Date:

c. 800/1400 (Ahlwardt).


unknown; copied by Aḥmad b. Tamīm (scribal colophon, 62v).


no ownership statements. Originally bound with MS Berlin, SBPK, Sprenger 1839, preceding it and copied by the same scribe. The foliation in zimām numerals and the reference to Coptic months in MS Sprenger 1839 (f. 1r) point to the Coptic cultural area. Ex-libris ‘Ex Biblioth. Regia Berolinensi’ in red (62v).

Cod.: brown paper, I+62+Ia ff. (foliation in Arabic-European numerals at the top left of rectos; additional foliation in zimām, i.e., Coptic, numerals at the top left of rectos starting with ‘2’ on f. 1r and with Coptic f. 5 placed after f. 7; quire signatures on every tenth folio in the scribe’s hand). A single neat elegant big naskh hand in black. Fully dotted ductus; substantial vowels including sukūns and tanwīns, substantial hamzas except on initial alifs, no shaddas. Centered headings in decorated thuluth with lām-alifs muḥaqqaq in red and vowels in black. Substantial moisture stains. Dimensions: 24½×16½ cm, written area: 17½×11 cm; 17 lines per page. Purple cloth cover on pasteboard; wooden-like marbled pasteboard on top of the cloth cover except on the spine and corners. Type III binding.

Cont.: astrology. — Index: Ptolemaica (1r–62v). Blank: Iv, Ia.

Bibl.: Wilhelm Ahlwardt, Verzeichniss der arabischen Handschriften der Königlichen Bibliothek zu Berlin, vol. V, Berlin: Asher, 1893, pp. 273–274 (no. 5875). Qalamos:


\1v\ ⟨…⟩ ذكر في هذا الموضع. في قوى الكواكب بحسب الأشكال التي تكون لها بقياس من الشمس. وقد يقبل القمر والكواكب الثلاثة العلوية الزيادة والنقصان في قواها الخاصية بحسب الأشكال التي تكون لها عند الشمس — \62v\ وقال آخرون تأخذ من الشمس إلى القمر في كل يوم فتلقيه من طالع أصل المولود تقيمه للمولود في ذلك اليوم مقام سهم السعادة. تم كتاب الأربعا شرح البتاني بحمد الله.

= al-Battānī, Sharḥ Kitāb al-Arbaʿ maqālāt fī aḥkām ʿilm al-nujūm (C.2.2)

. — Titles: Kitāb al-Arbiʿā (sic), Sharḥ al-Battānī (62v). — Acephalous; the first folio covering the first chapter ‘On the knowledge of the sun, moon, planets and fixed stars’ is missing. Despite the fact that f. 5r in the Coptic foliation is misplaced, the work seems to be arranged correctly. Minor marginal corrections in the scribe’s hand; no glosses, except for a marginal collation in the scribe’s hand (57r).