Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Vatican, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Reg. lat. 1012

s. XIII or XIV.


Queen Christina of Sweden.

Parchment, 74 f., a single hand.

Astronomy and mathematics: Ptolemaica (1r-73r); Thebit Bencora, De figura sectore, tr. Gerard of Cremona, excerpt ‘Iam vero ostendimus in modo secundo…’ (73r-73v); Apollonius, Liber de pyramidibus (74r-74v, fragment); added notes on geometry (74v).


P. O. Kristeller, Iter Italicum, II, London-Leiden, 1977, 400; H. Zepeda, The First Latin Treatise on Ptolemy’s Astronomy: The Almagesti minor (c. 1200), Turnhout, 2018, 65-66.


‘Omnium recte phylosophantium verisimilibus coniecturis credibilibus tenebrarum sic se habent. Explicit liber sextus. Amen dico amen. Totus liber continet 156 conclusiones.’

= Almagesti minor (C.1.4), with f. 48-59 (containing VI.1-VI.23) to be read between f. 71 and 72. Short marginal notes by the scribe f. 1v-2r, 32r-32v, 38v and 47r. Glosses by a later hand f. 4r and 5v.