Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Vatican, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Pal. lat. 1892

s. XVIin (f. 79-122; the other parts of the MS date from c. 1400 to the 16th c.).


Heidelberg, Bibliotheca Palatina; Vatican library in 1623.

Paper and parchment, 266 f. Composite MS made of six parts of various dates and origins (f. 1-48, 49-78, 79-122, 123-132, 133-261 and 262-266), the third of which (f. 79-122, paper) is in two hands (f. 79-98 and 99-122).

Medicine, astrology and magic (f. 79-122): ‘Caput phisicum de modo intelligendi hominis et ab intra et ab extra exorditur. Homo quum sit secundum Ysidorum animal forme Dei…’ (79r-98v); Ptolemaica (99r-103v); Liber vacce (103v-119v); tables: magical ‘characters’ for the 12 months, 24 hours, 4 seasons, 12 signs etc. ‘Ista est tabula karacterum 12 mensium Iudeorum et suorum dierum…’ (120r-121v). Blank: 122. The other parts of the MS mainly deal with medicine.

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‘Incipit liber de iudiciis partium Ptolomei. Et primo de parte fortune, hic accipitur in die a Sole in Lunam, in nocte e converso, et proicitur ab ascendente. Quoniam in primo libro partium terminos et loca posuimus, iudicia sub earundem ministrare curavimus. Pars fortune et eius dominus corpus et que ad corpus attinent — partis significationem aut eius domini hiis 12 mensibus mutatur.’