Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Pisa, Biblioteca Universitaria, 386

s. XVII2 (after 1673).


the MS was in all likelihood copied under Alessandro Marchetti’s supervision in Pisa and the commentary (f. 98r-99v) is perhaps in his hand.

Paper, 99 f. (new foliotation at the bottom left corner of the recto pages; the MS was originally paginated in the upper right corner), two hands (f. 1r-97r and 98r-99v). One or several folia are missing at the end.

Ptolemaica (1r-87r and 98r-99v). Blank: 97v.

Bibl. G. Mazzatinti, Inventari dei manoscritti delle biblioteche d’Italia, XXIV, Firenze, 1916, 32.


‘Magnae constructionis Claudii Ptolomei liber primus cum commentariis Theonis Alexandrini a Georgio Fleming Hiberno ex Graeco idiomate in Latinam linguam conversus et ab Alexandro Marchetti Pisis phylosophiae professore ordinario accuratissime emendatus, cui accesserunt etiam eiusdem Alexandri Marchetti breviores quaedam animadversiones in Theonis commentarium. Proemium. Qui exacte philosophati sunt (o Syre) optime mihi videntur speculativam philosophiae partem a practica — pertransibunt meridianum ubique et in recta sphaera horizontem. Commentariorum Theonis Alexandrini in Magnam constructionem C<laudii> Ptolomei libri primi finis. Laus Deo.’

= Theon of Alexandria, 〈Commentum in Almagesti〉 (tr. George Fleming and Alessandro Marchetti) (C.1.30.9)

, Book I. No glosses and no corrections, except for occasional words or passages which have been crossed out (e.g. f. 23v, 31v, 32r, 51r, 51v, 58v).


‘Alexandri Marchetti notae seu totius breves animadversiones in commentarium Theonis Alexandrini in librum primum Magnae constructionis Claudii Ptolomei. Conatur Theo Alex<andrinus> demonstrare quod si supra circulum et eius diametri quadratum — numeri qui reperiuntur in tabula Pythagorica, qu…’.