Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Pisa, Biblioteca Universitaria, 232

s. XVIex (probably in or around 1583 for the Ptolemaic section; 1585 for f. 120-202).


collected papers of Giulio Angeli da Barga (Julius Angelius Bargaeus).

Paper, 372 f., several hands, one of which (probably Giulio Angeli’s) copied f. 2r, 52v-107 and 125v-370. This is vol. II of Giulio Angeli’s collected papers (cf. spine: ‘Julii Angelii Bargaei Operum Tomus II’), vols I and III-IV being now MSS 231 and 233-234 respectively.

Giulio Angeli da Barga’s works, drafts and notes of astronomy, mathematics, logic and astrology: Giulio Angeli da Barga, De anni et dierum fastorum emendatione, addressed to Francesco I de’ Medici (2r-50v), with note (51r); ‘Si aequinoctia in diebus certis…’ (52v-70v); ‘Quod spectat ad intentionem facultatis huius mathematice scire…’ (75r-107r); notes on astronomical instruments, in Italian (108r-115v); Giulio Angeli da Barga, De arte logica universum, addressed to ‘Ioanni Mediceo’ and dated Pisa 1585 (120r-202v); ‘Memor animo sepe revolventi qui fieret…’ (204v-291v); Ptolemaica (296v-370r). Blank: 1, 2v-3v, 51v-52r, 71-74, 107v, 116-119, 123v-125r, 203r-204r, 292r-296r, 370v-372v.

Bibl. G. Mazzatinti, Inventari dei manoscritti delle biblioteche d’Italia, XXIV, Firenze, 1916, 24; P. O. Kristeller, Iter Italicum, VI, London-Leiden, 1992, 143.


‘Τῆς τοῦ πτολεμαίου τετραβίβλου συντάξεως ἔκθεσις πινακική. (298r) Primum ordine et potestate est id quo deprehendimus, quomodocumque factas motuum figurationes — Mathematico recta coniectura coniungante et causam ex contemperatione. Finis. Θεῶ δόξα.’

= Giulio Angeli da Barga, 〈Tabulata expositio in Quadripartitum〉 (C.2.35)

. F. 297 is an inserted sheet of smaller size containing the horoscope of the New Moon of 9 June 1583 for latitude 44°. Corrections by the scribe.