Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Florence, Biblioteca Marucelliana, A 109

s. XVII.


Probably Tuscany.

Paper, 142 f., personal notebook written in one main hand.

Miscellanea of texts and notes in Latin, Greek and Italian, including: table of contents (1r); ‘Eloquentia rediviva’ (3r-21v); Ptolemaica (21v-23r); Greek text referred to as ‘Hippocratis Romus’ in the table of contents f. 1r (23r-28r); anthology of classics, Latin and Greek (28v-30v); list of books referred to as ‘Catalogo di libri mei’ in the table of contents (31r-45r), etc. The MS also contains excerpts from Pappus of Alexandria: ‘Ex Pappo Alexandrino. Problematum geometricum antiqui tria genera…’ (77r-78r).

Bibl. Inventario dei manoscritti della R. Biblioteca Marucelliana (handwritten catalogue), I (not seen).


‘Ex Ptolemeo de Analemmate. Quoniam igitur dimensiones quae in unaquaque mole insunt terminatas esse oportet et positione et multitudine sicut et magnitudine ex omnibus autem declinationibus que fiunt ad rectos angulos — reliquos parallelos Graeci men… (?) … (?).’