Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Chartres, Bibliothèque Municipale, 498 (142)

s. XII1.


Chartres, copied by Thierry of Chartres (d. 1151).


Chartres, cathedral.

Parchment, 246 f., a single neat hand. This MS was largely destroyed in the fire of 26 May 1944, but a preexisting microfilm and a number of fragments of parchment survive (see Several quires are missing between f. 140 and 141.

Liberal arts (Thierry of Chartres’s Eptateuchon, whose first volume is MS Chartres, BM, 497): table of contents, late medieval (1v); Aristotle, De sophisticis elenchis, tr. Boethius (2r-12r); Boethius, Introductio ad syllogismos categoricos (12r-22r); Boethius, De categoricis syllogismis (22r-33v); Pseudo-Apuleius, Perhermenias (33v-37r); Boethius, De hypotheticis syllogismis (37r-52r); Cicero, Topica (52v-58r); Boethius, De topicis differentiis (58r-73r); Boethius, De divisione (73r-78r); Marius Victorinus, De definitionibus (78v-85r); Boethius, De arithmetica (86r-113v); Gerbert of Aurillac, Scholium ad Boethii arithmeticam institutionem (114r); Martianus Capella, De nuptiis Mercurii et Philologiae, Book VII (114v-122rb); Euclid, Elementa, version ‘Adelard II’, excerpt (122rb-124vb); Boethius, De musica, I-II.20, end gone (125ra-140vb); Euclid, Elementa, version ‘Adelard II’, XIV.6-XV.5, beginning gone (141ra-141va); Pseudo-Boethius, Geometria I (141va-143ra); Agrimensores, various texts and excerpts (143rb-153rb); Gerbert of Aurillac (?), Isagoge geometriae, excerpt (153rb-154va); Pseudo-Boethius, Geometria II (155rb-166ra); tables and texts on the abacus and arithmetic (166v-169r); Hyginus, De astronomia, I-II (170va-173vb); Ptolemaica (174rb-197v); Algorismi [al-Khwārizmī], astronomical tables (198r-246r). Blank: 1r, 85v, 169v-170r, 246v.


Catalogue général des manuscrits des bibliothèques publiques de France. Départements, XI, Paris, 1890, 212-214; N. Bubnov, Gerberti postea Silvestri II papae opera mathematica (972-1003), Berlin, 1899, xxvi-xxviii; Aristoteles Latinus. Codices, I.1: G. Lacombe, Pars prior, Roma, 1939, 467-468 (no. 475); C. Leonardi, ‘I codici di Marziano Capella’, Aevum 34 (1960), 1-99: 29-30 (nos 39-40); M. Folkerts, «Boethius» Geometrie II. Ein mathematisches Lehrbuch des Mittelalters, Wiesbaden, 1970, 8-9; B. Munk Olsen, L’étude des auteurs classiques latins aux XIe et XIIe siècles, I, Paris, 1982, 163; C. Burnett, ‘Catalogue. The Writings of Adelard of Bath and Closely Associated Works, Together with the Manuscripts in which they Occur’, in Adelard of Bath. An English Scientist and Arabist of the Early Twelfth Century, ed. C. Burnett, London, 1987, 180 (no. 48); C. Jeudy, Y.-F. Riou, Les manuscrits classiques latins des bibliothèques publiques de France. I: Agen-Evreux, Paris, 1989, 450-455; C. Burnett, ‘The Contents and Affiliation of the Scientific Manuscripts Written at, or Brought to, Chartres in the Time of John of Salisbury’, in The World of John of Salisbury, ed. M. Wilks, Oxford, 1984, 127-160: 142-143 and 147; H. L. L. Busard, M. Folkerts, Robert of Chester’s (?) Redaction of Euclid’s Elements, the so-Called Adelard II Version, Basel-Boston-Berlin, 1992, I, 39-40; L. Toneatto, Codices Artis Mensoriae. I manoscritti degli antichi opusculi latini d’agrimensura (V-XIX sec.), Spoleto, 1994-1995, I, 447-457; D. Pingree, Preceptum canonis Ptolomei, Louvain-la-Neuve, 1997, 11-13.


‘<Intellectus climatum poli> sepissime requires si inveneris platos civitatis — (184rb) superiorem et inferiorem et addes aut deduces’ (followed by the tables f. 184v-197v).

= Ptolemy, Preceptum canonis Ptolomei (tr. before c. 1000) (A.7.1). No glosses.