Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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†Chartres, Bibliothèque Municipale, 214 (173)

s. XII1 (after 1126, the terminus post quem of Algorismi’s astronomical tables).


probably Chartres (this MS is likely to have been the model of MS Chartres, BM, 498 (142)).


Chartres, cathedral. The MS was bombed in 1944. No microfilm is known to exist, but Ernst Honigmann had photographs of it, at least of f. 1-13, in 1929 (see Die sieben Klimata und die πόλεις επίσημοι. Eine Untersuchung zur Geschichte der Geographie und Astrologie im Altertum und Mittelalter, Heidelberg, 1929, 105).

Parchment, 103 f., 260 x 182 mm, one or two main hands, one of which (‘W.’) copied at least f. 1-7r (cf. f. 7r).

Astronomy and geometry: Ptolemaica (1r-13v); Hebrew, Greek, Chaldean and runic alphabets (14r); ‘De nominibus mensium Egyptiorum et in quibus terminis incipiunt…’ (14v); De utilitatibus astrolabii (15r-21r); Geometria incerti auctoris, excerpts (21r-21v); Sententie astrolabii (21v-31v); Geometria incerti auctoris, excerpt (32v); Gerbert of Aurillac, letter to Constantine of Fleury on the construction of a celestial sphere (32v); ‘Artium septem ultima sede…’ (33r-34v?); Geometria incerti auctoris, excerpts (34v-38v); Ascelinus Teutonicus, Compositio astrolabii (38v-41r); Algorismi [al-Khwārizmī], astronomical tables (41r-102).


Catalogue général des manuscrits des bibliothèques publiques de France. Départements, XI, Paris, 1890, 109-110; N. Bubnov, Gerberti postea Silvestri II papae opera mathematica (972-1003), Berlin, 1899, xxv-xxvi; C. Burnett, ‘Catalogue. The Writings of Adelard of Bath and Closely Associated Works, Together with the Manuscripts in which they Occur’, in Adelard of Bath. An English Scientist and Arabist of the Early Twelfth Century, ed. C. Burnett, London, 1987, 163-196: 180 (no. 47); C. Burnett, ‘The Contents and Affiliation of the Scientific Manuscripts Written at, or Brought to, Chartres in the Time of John of Salisbury’, in The World of John of Salisbury, ed. M. Wilks, Oxford, 1984, 127-160: 140-142; C. Burnett, ‘King Ptolemy and Alchandreus the Philosopher: The Earliest Texts on the Astrolabe and Arabic Astrology at Fleury, Micy and Chartres’, Annals of Science 55 (1998), 329-368: 336-338 and 343 (reprinted in C. Burnett, Arabic into Latin in the Middle Ages. The Translators and their Intellectual and Social Context, Farnham-Burlington, 2009, I); description by Jean-Patrice Boudet published in 2013 on the website A la recherche des manuscrits de Chartres. Etude et renaissance virtuelle d’un fonds de manuscrits sinistrés (


‘Incipit Preceptum canonis Ptolomei. Intellectus climatum poli sepissime requires — (7r) W. finivit me et dedit grates Deo’ (followed by the tables f. 7v-13v).

= Ptolemy, Preceptum canonis Ptolomei (tr. before c. 1000) (A.7.1).