Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Vienna, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, 4782

s. XVex (in or after 1491, cf. f. 221r: ‘anni currentis… 1491’; the colophon ‘Expliciunt canones astrolabii per magistrum Georgium Pewrbach edidi anno salutis 1460’ on f. 270v refers to the date of composition of Peurbach’s work).


probably Vienna.


Johannes Faber (d. 1541), bishop of Vienna (cf. inner front cover and f. 271r); University of Vienna.

Paper, 271 f., two hands (f. 1-13 and 14-270).

Astrology and astronomy: Ptolemaica (1r-13r); astrology ‘Res quibus perficiuntur prenosticationes accepte de astronomia…’ (14r-221r); Peurbach, Canones astrolabii (225r-270v); added notes (271r-271v). Blank: 13v, 221v-224v.

Note The incipit of the text f. 14r-221r corresponds to the beginning of Book I of Ptolemy’s Quadripartitum in the translation of Egidius de Tebaldis (see C.2.2), but the text itself is different, consisting of a comprehensive astrological treatise in 54 differentie covering all topics.

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‘<L>ibrum Claudii Ptolomei mi Alfonse rex inclite traductum quem vulgo Centiloquium ipse fructum appellat… (3r) <I>am pridem perutiles ad previdendum operationes stellarum, o Sirie, quas in hoc composito efficiunt mundo exposuimus… Abs te et a scientia, non est enim possibile ut huius scientiae professor particulares rerum ideas prevideat — Sin vero non moventur hostis indigena erit. Finis Ptolomei Claudii liber feliciter.’

= George of Trebizond, Commentarii et expositiones in aphorismis Libri fructus Ptolomei (C.3.11)

, without the commentary. George of Trebizond’s preface, 1r-2v; author’s preface, 3r; text, 3r-13r. No glosses.