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Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Cracow, Biblioteka Jagiellońska, 588

s. XVI1 (c. 1530).


copied by Matthias de Krajna at the University of Cracow.


University of Cracow in 1546.

Paper, 292 f., a single hand.

The MS contains essentially Matthias de Krajna, Dispensatorium medicinale ex variis auctoribus collectum (10v-289v), except for Ptolemaica (2r-10r) and various excerpts from Ovid (1r-1v, 290v-291r and 292r-292v).


M. Kowalczyk et al., Catalogus codicum manuscriptorum medii aevi latinorum qui in Bibliotheca Jagellonica Cracoviae asservantur, IV: Numeros continens inde a 564 usque ad 667, Wrocław, 1988, 127-133.


‘Cla<udii> Ptolomei inerrantium stellarum significationes per Nicolaum Leonicum e Graceo translate. Ianuarius. 1 K<alendis>: Sol elevari incipit, longiusculi fiunt dies, Aquila et Corona occidunt, tempestatemque efficiunt. 2. iiii: Sol magis ascendit, Cancri medium occidit, ventique ponunt — (December) 23. x: Capella matutino emergit. Reliquum deficit.’

= Pseudo-Ptolemy, Inerrantium stellarum significationes (B.11). Glosses by the scribe (Matthias de Krajna). The text was copied from a printed version.