Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Prague, Archiv Pražského Hradu (olim Knihovna Metropolitní Kapituly), L. XLVIII (1292)

s. XVin (1410, cf. f. 58ra: ‘Explicit algorismus minuciarum anno domini millesimo 4o 10 finitus’).


probably copied at the University of Prague and perhaps by Johannes Andree Schindel.

Paper, I+130+Ia f., a single hand. Several folia might be missing between f. 59-60, 71-72 and 114-115.

Astronomy, astrology and natural philosophy: Richard of Wallingford, Tractatus Albionis (1ra-33vb); Dominicus de Clavasio, Practica geometrie (35ra-52vb); John of Ligneres, Algorismus de minutiis (52vb-58ra); added notes of geometry and astronomy by two hands (58ra-58rb); star table for Magdeburg (58v); Ptolemaica (60r-69v); ‘Alique propositiones de corporibus curvibus a reverendo magistro Ortolfo Parysiensi compilate. Si in spera aliqua recta…’ (69v-71v); Guido Bonatti, Liber introductorius ad iudicia stellarum, VI.12.2-VII (72ra-114ra); added note ‘Cum volueris (?) proicere radios alicuius planete…’ (114vb); natural philosophy ‘Utrum corporeum ex forma…’ (115ra-129rb), with additional notes on the same subject (129rb-130vb). Blank: 34, 59. F. I and Ia contain a fragment of a text dealing with some legal matter in Přibyslav (Bohemia) in the beginning of the 15th c.

Bibl. A. Podlaha, Soupis Rukopisů Knihovny Metropolitní Kapitoly Pražské, II, Praha, 1922, 227-228.


‘Sint AB et AG note, essent quoque per secundum corporum — sicque patet correlarium. Explicit Almagesti Ptolomey abreviatum Bernhardi Chorner quondam Iacobi de Tyrnavia.’

= Bernhardus Chorner, Almagesti Ptolomei abreviatum (C.1.12)

. The beginning (up to I.3) is missing due to the loss of one folio. No glosses.