Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Prague, Archiv Pražského Hradu (olim Knihovna Metropolitní Kapituly), O. I (1585)

s. XVin (most of the volume appears to have been copied betwen 1411 and 1415, with brief additions dated 1420, 1431, 1449, 1452 and 1454).


personal notebook of Johannes Borotin, copied in Prague (Zderaz, given in the colophon of the first Ptolemaic section f. 129r, is near Prague), cf. f. 66r: ‘1452 incepi legere Alkabicium [not ‘astrolabium’!] feria 3 ante Ascensionem domini, ego m<agister> Io<hannes> Bo<rotyn>…’; 114r: ‘Continuatio expositionum canonum tabularum m<agistri> Io<hannis> de Borot<yn>…’; f. 129r: ‘Me Borotyn scripsit in Zderaz’; f. 129v: ‘1449 pro theorica planetarum quam legere tunc incepi, hec sunt scripta…’; f. 130r: ‘Anno domini 1454 preambulum super lectionem Alkabicii quem legit magister Ioh<annes> Borot<yn> et incepit feria 3a ante diem sancte Sofie est hoc…’; f. 165v: ‘Ego qui pro ordinario meo durum opus mathematice scientie mihi preripui…’; f. 222v: ‘1420 circa lectionem Metheorum m<agistri> I<ohannis> B<orotyn>…’.

Paper, 227 f., two or several alternating hands working in close collaboration.

Natural philosophy, astronomy, astrology and mathematics: Algazel [al-Ghazālī], Summa theorice philosophie, V (1r-5r); note on the ninth sphere (5v); notes on dreams from various authors, including Augustine and Jerome (5v-11v); comm. on Aristotle’s De somniis (12r-36r); beginning of a text on the uses of the astrolabe by ‘C.’ [Cristannus de Prachaticz?] ‘Quia iuxta intencionis mee…’, dated 1411 (37r-37v); introduction to astronomy ‘Quia propositi…’ (38r-39r); ‘Incipit tractatus spere materialis. Quia iste liber spere materialis est introductorius ad scientiam astronomicam…’, dated 1411 (39v-45v); comm. on the Theorica planetarum Gerardi (46r-47v and 49r-65r); John of Murs, Arithmetica speculativa, beginning only (48r-48v), with an added note about the apogee of the Sun in 1411 f. 48v; Johannes Borotin, lectures on Alcabitius’s Introductorius, introduction dated 1452 (65v-66r); Johannes Borotin (?), lectures on Alcabitius’s Introductorius, dated 1413 (72r-89v, introductory lecture ed. Burnett, 27-38); Johannes Borotin, comm. on the canons of the Alfonsine tables, dated 1414-1415 (90r-106v and 114r-115v); Ptolemaica (120r-129r); Johannes Borotin, lectures on Theorica planetarum, introduction dated 1449 (129v-130r); Johannes Borotin, lectures on Alcabitius’s Introductorius, introduction dated 1454 (130r-130v, ed. Burnett, 26-27); Ptolemaica (138r-161v); comm. on Aristotle’s Ethics (162r-164v); Johannes Borotin, lectures on Euclid’s Elementa (165v-178r); Johannes Borotin (?), lectures on Alfraganus’s De scientia astrorum, dated 1414 (181v-222r); Johannes Borotin, notes concerning a lecture on Aristotle’s Meteorologica, dated 1420 (222v); notes on the lunar (!) eclipse of August 1431 (223v-224r). Blank: 36v, 66v-71r, 71v (except added note), 82r-83v, 107-113, 116-119, 131-137, 165r, 178v-181r, 223r, 224v-227.

Bibl. A. Podlaha, Soupis Rukopisů Knihovny Metropolitní Kapitoly Pražské, II, Praha, 1922, 452-453; M.-T. d’Alverny, Avicenna Latinus. Codices (with Addenda by S. Van Riet and P. Jodogne), Louvain-la-Neuve-Leiden, 1994, 336; C. Burnett, ‘Teaching the Science of the Stars in Prague University in the Early Fifteenth Century: Master Johannes Borotin’, Aither. Journal for the Study of Greek and Latin Philosophical Traditions 2 (2014), 9-50: 11-15; L. Lička, ‘Studying and Discussing Optics at the Prague Faculty of Arts: Optical Topics and Authorities in Prague Quodlibets and John of Borotín’s Quaestio on Extramission’, in Studying the Arts in Late Medieval Bohemia: Production, Reception and Transmission of Knowledge, ed. O. Pavlíček, Turnhout, 2021, 251-303: 269-271.


‘Exposicio Thebiti Bencorath in precognicionibus Almagesti. Nota: Equator diei idem est quod equinoctialis circulus — tempore Sol redit ad suam (?) coniunccionem. De istis melius videbis circa theoricam planetarum et (?) practicabis si vis. Explicit exposicio Thebit precognicionum Almagesti anno domini 1412, feria prima sive die dominico 12o kal. Decembris. Eodem die magister Ioannes Andree, doctor medicine, incepit legere librum magnum Ptolomei Almagesti in Praga. Mitte, mi domine, auxilium de sancto et de Syon, tuere me ut perficere possim quod proposui, quia volo. Me Borotyn scripsit in Zderaz dum sibi vixit anno milleno quadringento duodeno, quo iam complebat quatuor triginta Decembres.’

= Johannes Borotin (?), Expositio Thebiti Bencorath in precognicionibus Almagesti (C.1.13)

. A few marginal notes by the scribe (Johannes Borotin).


‘Et postquam premisimus hoc capitulum etc. In hoc capitulo vult Ptolomeus docere… (141r) Incipit secundi libri Almagesti Ptolomei — Ex eo autem ibi est 15a demonstracio et est quasi conversa precedentis.’

= Johannes Andree Schindel, 〈Lectiones in Almagesti〉 (C.1.14)

, selection from I.13, f. 138r-138v (dated 28 January 1413 in the upper margin of f. 138r: ‘1413 5o kal. Februarii’); I.14, f. 139v-141r; II.1, 141r-142r; II.5-6, 144v-146v (dated 28 February 1413 on f. 146r, at the end of II.5: ‘1413 in dominica Exurge’); II.7, 147r-148r; I.9, 150r-160r; I.12, 161r-161v. A few marginal notes by the scribe (Johannes Borotin), more important f. 151r-151v. F. 139r, 142v-144r, 147r, 148v-149v, 152v-153r, 157r-157v, 158v-159v and 160v are blank, and several other pages are partly blank.