Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Vienna, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, 5414

s. XV1 (1447 for f. 14-97, cf. 97rb, and probably for the whole MS, copied in the same hand; a second hand made corrections and additions throughout, at least partly in 1448, as stated on f. 97rb).


Vienna, cf. f. 97rb: ‘Explicit Leupoldus de Austria anno domini 1447 scriptus Wienne’ (the second hand added ‘in Wyenna’ in the margin).


Vienna, Stadtbibliothek.

Paper, I+208 f. (new foliation in pencil), one main neat hand (with corrections and additions by a second hand), many reserved initials.

Astrology: incomplete table of contents (Ir); Guido Bonatti, Liber introductorius ad iudicia stellarum, excerpt ‘Ludit circulo signorum divisio que Ipse dividitur…’ (1ra-10rb); Leopold of Austria, De astrorum scientia (14ra-97rb); added notes on eclipses ‘Qualiter eclipsis ventura in anno aliquot mutat…’ (97va-97vb); Zael, Liber iudiciorum (99ra-132va, Introductorium, Quinquaginta precepta and De interrogationibus); Gergis, De significatione septem planetarum in domibus (133ra-136rb); Ptolemaica (136va-136vb and 136vb-137rb); ‘Scientia astrorum dividitur in duo, in demonstrationes que sunt certe et sine errore…’ (137vb-147vb); Liber de significatione cometarum (148ra-163rb); ‘Nota hec 50 precepta. De 50 preceptis in omni questione et negotio…’ (163va-165va, this text is not related to Zael’s Quinquaginta precepta); ‘Et si fuerit ascendens domus vel exaltatio alienus…’ (166va-167rb); Guido Bonatti, Liber introductorius ad iudicia stellarum, excerpts from Books VI and V (169ra-208vb). Blank: Iv, 10v-13v (except added notes f. 13r), 98, 166r, 167v-168v.

Bibl. Tabulae codicum manu scriptorum praeter Graecos et Orientales in Bibliotheca Palatina Vindobonensi asservatorum, IV: Cod. 5001-6500, Wien, 1870, 119-120; M. Roland, Die Handschriften der alten Wiener Stadtbibliothek in der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek, Wien, 1999, 128-129.


‘<P>tholomeus dicit quod stelle cum caudis sunt novem — in regibus et divitibus apparebit.’

= Pseudo-Ptolemy, De cometis (B.4)

. A couple of corrections and one marginal note by the second hand.


‘De hora conceptionis et nativitatis. Dixerunt Ptholomeus et Hermes quod locus Lune in hora — et hoc expertus fuit multociens.’

= Pseudo-Ptolemy, Dixerunt Ptolemeus et Hermes quod locus Lune... (B.5)

. The text is followed, without a break (137rb-137va), by a chapter dealing with the same topic: ‘De mora nati in utero matris. Cum Luna fuerit in gradu ascendenti hora infusionis — gradum Arietis pervenerit fetus nascetur. Idem est in aliis.’ No glosses.