Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Tehran, Kitābkhāna-yi markazi-i Dānishgāh-i Tehrān, 1971

[Colour digital images of body text and covers.]

Collection of five works: Arabic. Date:

late 13th/19th century, probably bound in 1285/1868-9; treatise I copied in 1285/1868-9 (11v), treatise II in 1274/1857-8 ([55r]); table of contents added in 1285/1868-9 (1r).


Iran; copied by Muʾmin Mūsawī Qummī, probably for personal use; Muʾmin Mūsawī Qummī also copied MS Mashhad, Āstān-i Quds-i Raḍawī, 15245, a collection of five works on the principles of Islamic jurisprudence, in 1258/1842-3.


unreadable ex-libris ([1r]), ex-libris Kitābkhāna-yi markazī-i Dānishgāh 1328 ([1r], [12v], [39v], [47v], [97v]), ex-libris Kitābkhāna-yi markazī/Central Library Tehran University ([1v], [2v], [76v], [96v]).


machine-made European paper without watermarks, 97 ff. (unfoliated, except folios 11v, 55v, 59r with Hindu-Arabic numerals). A single very neat naskh hand; fully dotted ductus and occasional vowels; book titles (only in treatises II, III, IV) in black; chapter headings and abjad numerals in red; in treatise V chapter headings in black with overlines and underlines in red. Some trimmed vertical chapter headings in the margins of treatises II-IV in black ink; thus, the folios were cut and resized to bind this collection together, probably in 1285/1868-9 when the table of contents was added. Dimensions: 185×110 mm, written area: 140×80 mm; 15 lines per page. Moisture stains particularly in treatises I and II; frequent mold stains throughout, although less in treatise V. Cloth cover with vegetal motives; covers and spine bounded with black leather strips. Type III binding. Title of the volume on the upper left corner of the front cover: On the Astrolabe (dar asṭurlāb).


astronomy and astrology. — Index: table of contents dated 1285/1868-9 by a different naskh hand (1r); Ptolemaica (1v-11v); Abū Rayḥān al-Bīrūnī, Fī ʿilm al-asṭurlāb ([12v]-[55r]); Fī maʿrifat samt al-qibla (55v-[56r]); Faṣl fī istiʿmāl al-asṭurlāb ([56r]-59r); Qusṭā b. Lūqā, al-ʿAmal bi-l-kurat al-falakiyya ([61v]-[96r]); short text in Persian on an alchemical procedure in a different nastaʿlīq hand ([96v]); Blank: 11v, [59v]-[61r], [97r]-[97v]; two additional blank folios after 11v skipped in the foliation. The foliation of treatises I, II and V provided by Danishpazhūh is mistaken.


Muḥammad Taqī Dānishpazhūh, Fihrist-i Kitābkhāna-yi Markazī-yi Dānishgāh-i Tihrān, vol. VIII: Nuskhahā-i khaṭṭī-yi shumārahā-i 1321 - 2120, Tehran: Chāpkhāna-yi Dānishgāh-i Tihrān, 1961 (1339 H.S.), pp. 583–84; FankhāMuṣṭafā Dirāyatī, Fihristgān-i nuskhahā-yi khaṭṭī-yi Īrān (Fankhā), 45 vols, Tehran: Library, Museum and Documentation Center of The Islamic Consultative Assembly, 20 2011, vol. IX, p. 723 (no. 8); furthermore vol. III, pp. 347 and 458; vol. IV, p. 656, and vol. XXX, p. 450.


\1v\ ⟨…⟩ قال بطلميوس: ا علم النجوم منك ومنها. ب وليس للعالم بها أن ينبئ بصورة الفعل الشخصيّة كما ليس للحاسّ أن يقبل صورة المحسوس الشخصيّة. لكن يقبل صورة موافقة لها — \11v\ ⟨…⟩ ذو الدوابة يكون أبدًا من المغرب إلى المشرق فإنّ الخارجي ناي من بعد الإقليم. وإن لم يكن سائرًا، فإنّ الخارجي من حضرت الإقليم. وقد تمّ الكتاب بعون الملك الوهاب.

= Pseudo-Ptolemy, Kitāb al-Thamara (B.1.1). — Title: al-Thamara fī aḥkām al-nujūm li-Baṭlamiyūs. — Title present only in the table of contents. The verba are introduced by abjad numerals in red. Verbum 99 ([11r]) in the margin. No glosses.