Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Work B.8

Liber de iudiciis partium

This text provides the interpretation of the position of the part of fortune and of the parts of the twelve houses in each of the twelve houses. As already noted by Pingree, this is a chapter excerpted from Messahallah’s De nativitatibus I (Māshāʾallāh’s Kitāb al-mawālīd al-kabīr, ‘Great Book of Nativities’), translated by Hugo Sanctelliensis before 1151 (cf. MS Oxford, BL, Savile 15, s. XV, f. 181ra-182rb: ‘Pars fortune eiusque dominus corpus et que ad corpus attinent significavit…’). Four of the nine known manuscripts, including the two earliest ones, dating from the second half of the thirteenth century (Florence, BNC, II.III.214; Madrid, BN, 10063 (olim Toledo 98-19); Munich, BSB, Clm 3857; Vatican, BAV, Pal. lat. 1892), attribute the text to Ptolemy, either in the title or in the explicit. The attribution may result from the fact that in five manuscripts, including again the two earliest ones (Erfurt, UFB, Dep. Erf. CA 4º 374; Madrid, BN, 10063 (olim Toledo 98-19); Munich, BSB, Clm 3857; Vatican, BAV, Barb. lat. 328; Vatican, BAV, Ottob. lat. 1552), the text follows Ptolemy’s Quadripartitum and Pseudo-Ptolemy’s Liber proiectionis radiorum stellarum (B.6).


‘(Munich, BSB, Clm 3857) Quoniam in primo libro partium terminos et loca posuimus, iudicia sub earundem monstrare curavimus. Pars fortune et eius dominus corpus et que ad corpus attinent — aut eius domini hiis 12 contensibus immitatur. Explicit Quadripartitus Ptholomei.’


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Modern ed.



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