Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Mashhad, Kitābkhāna-yi markazī-yi Āstān-i Quds-i Raḍawī, 17665

[Colour scanned images of the textblock and covers.]
Single work, incomplete at beginning and end: Arabic. Date:

unknown, 11th/17th c. (inserted library note).


unknown; unknown copyist.


no ownership statements or other notes (title page missing).

Cod.: paper, 148 ff. (foliated with Hindu-Arabic numerals; catchwords, sometimes omitted at the beginning of the following page, e.g., ff. 77v/78r). A very clear naskh hand in black. Mostly dotted ductus, hamzas and shaddas often provided, occasional vowel marks. Book titles, chapter and paragraph beginnings in red ink or with red overlines. Abjad notation in the main text overlined. No tables or diagrams. Dimensions: 25.9×19 cm (inserted library note); mostly 21–23 lines per page. Water damage in all margins, occasional mold stains (not affecting the readability). Several folios lost: the title page together with the incipit page, one leaf after f. 6, as well as numerous pages at the end of the codex. Bound in a modern partial leather binding, brown fabric used for both covers, dark brown leather on spine and edges. Type III binding.

Cont.: astrology. — Index: Ptolemaica (1r–148v).

Bibl.: FankhāMuṣṭafā Dirāyatī, Fihristgān-i nuskhahā-yi khaṭṭī-yi Īrān (Fankhā), 45 vols, Tehran: Library, Museum and Documentation Center of The Islamic Consultative Assembly, 20 2011, vol. XVIII, pp. 972–973 (no. 9). Āstān-i Quds-i Raḍawī online catalogue:


\1r\ وعددها والحركات السماويّة التي يتعرّف منها عدد الحركتين ومن أجل هذا انقسمت هذا الصناعة إلى جزئين عظيمين أحدهما يسمّى علم النجوم التعليميّ — \148v\ وأشياء من الخرافات كثيرة وأمّا أنا فأظنّ ذلك عجزًا منهم أو شرارة أمّا العجر فإنّ هذا الكتاب غامض المعاني.

= ʿAlī ibn Riḍwān, Tafsīr al-Maqālāt al-arbaʿ (C.2.3)

.— Title: Tafsīr Kitāb al-Arbaʿa li-Baṭlamyūs (inserted library note). — Index: preface (incomplete at the beginning), 1r–3r; Book I.1 (one folio missing), 3r–22v; I.2, 22v–46r; I.3, 46r–64v; II.1, 64v–86r; II.2, 86r–114v; II.3, 114v–135r; III.1 (incomplete at the end), 135r–148v. — No colophon. Book III.1 breaks off in the middle of Chapter 3. Occasional syntactical glossing marks in the form of Hindu-Arabic numerals. Some conjectures indicated by siglum . Numerous marginal corrections in different hands, mostly indicated by sigla and ṣḥ.