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Qom, Kitābkhānah-yi ʿumūmī-yi Ḥaḍrat-i Āyat Allāh al-ʿuẓmā Marʿashī Najafī, 8139

[Colour scanned images of the textblock (without ff. 25v–26r).]
Single work: Arabic. Date:

finished in the middle of Jumādā l-ūlā 1012/October 1603 (269r).


unknown; ff. 182v–269r copied by Muḥammad Bāqir b. Muḥammad al-Ḥusaynī al-Kātibānī.


a statement of a book shop at a certain Masjid Shāh (in Isfahan?), together with an illegible seal (1r); a stamp with an astronomical image probably belonging to the shop owner (2r). A statement of sale followed by a statement of purchase in the same hand, both with a religious seal (1r). An erased statement (1r, upper left corner). A stamp of endowment: ‘Public Library of the Grand Ayatollah Marʿashī Najafī’ (1r, 1v, 194v, 269r). Old shelfmarks: ‘19715’ (erased), ‘19723’, and ‘8139’ (all on 1r).

Cod.: paper, 268 ff. (foliation in Hindu-Arabic numerals with ff. 12–14 numbered 13–15 and f. 15 unnumbered; catchwords in the hand of the scribe). Two clear nastaʿlīq hands in black. The first hand (1v–184v) writes with a thick nibbed pen; partially dotted ductus, no shaddas, no vowels, some hamzas; chapter headings, paragraph beginnings and lemmata in the scribe’s hand rubricated with light red ink; abjad notation not highlighted. The second hand (184v–269r) writes a small and neat nastaʿlīq; mostly dotted ductus, numerous shaddas and hamzas, occasional indication of vowels; chapter headings and lemmata rubricated by the same hand; abjad notation with overlines. Numerous figures and tables with red lines and black Eastern abjad notation. Codex in good condition with only few stains, sometimes smudged, slight water damage in the upper and lower margins. Dimensions: 245×180 mm; 25 (1v–184v) and 26 lines per page (185r–269r).

Cont.: astronomy. — Index: Ptolemaica (1v–269r). Blank: none.

Bibl.: Aḥmad Ḥusaynī, Fihrist-i nuskhahā-yi khaṭṭī-yi Kitābkhāna-yi ʿumūmī-yi Ḥadrat-i Āyatallāh al-ʿUẓmā Najafī Marʿashī, vol. XXI, Qom, 1991 (1370 H.S.), vol. XXI, pp. 132–133.


\1v\ الحمد لله الذي جعلنا من المتفكّرين في خلق السموات والأرض وألهمنا طريق معرفة مقادير حركات الأجرام النيّرة في الطول والعرض خلق سبع سموات طباقًا وجعل القمر فيهن نورًا وجعل الشمس سراجًا— \269r\ الحمد لله أوّلًا وآخرًا وباطنًا وظاهرًا والصلوة والسلام على زيده الليالي والأيّام محمّد سيّد الثقلين وخير الأنام وآله الأخيار العظام وشيعته الأبرار الكرام وقد فرغت من تحرير هذا الشرح وتسويده وتصحيحه بقدر الإمكان وتجويده ضحوة يوم السبت في أوائل ذي القعدة حجة إحدى وعشرين وتسعمائة من الهجرة النبوية وإنّا العبد المفتقر إلى رحمة الله ربّ الثقلين عبد العلي بن محمّد بن حسين روح الله التالى.

= al-Birjandī, Sharḥ Taḥrīr al-Majisṭī (C.1.42)

. — Title: Ḥāshiyyat Mullā ʿAbd al-ʿAlī Bīrjandī bar Sharḥ Majisṭī (1r). Index: author’s preface, 1v–2v; ⟨Book I⟩, 2v–52v; Book II, 52v–79r; III, 79r–101v; IV, 101v–117r; V, 117r–148v; VI, 148v–176r; VII, 176r–196r; ⟨VIII⟩, 192r–212r; IX, 212r–227r; X/XI, 227r–239r/232v–242v; XII, 242v–253r; XIII, 253r–269r. Missing rubrication for Books I, III and IV. — Authorial colophon dated Dhū l-qaʿda 921; undated colophon by the second scribe (269r). Hardly any marginal annotations, glosses or reading statements; only one note in a different nastaʿlīq hand followed by sigla (10r).