Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, lat. 5787

s. XVex or XVIin (f. 80-217, the other parts of the MS seem to be from the 16th c.).


Buda according to the colophon f. 213r (hence for f. 80-217, copied in the same hand), but this colophon might as well be that of the exemplar, with the date ‘1422’ being a likely mistranscription of ‘1477’ (cf. MS Florence, BNC, Magliabech. XI.144, f. 105v: ‘Liber terciusdecimus Epitomatis in Almagestum Ptolomei anno domini 1477 Bude explicit feliciter’).


library of the kings of France before 1744.

Paper, 469 f., composite MS made of five parts, the second of which (f. 80-217) was copied by a single hand. The other parts consist of f. 1-78, 218-227+383-429, 228-250 and 251-382+434-469.

Astronomy (f. 80-217): Ptolemaica (80r-213r); Regiomontanus, Canones astrolabii armillaris ‘Canones astrolabii armillaris a magistro Iohanne de Regio Monte editi incipiunt. Astrolabium armillare quo Ptolomeus plurimum usus est…’ (213v-214v); Regiomontanus, ‘Organum Ptolomei cuius adminiculo longitudines ac latitudines locorum in superficie terrestri inquiruntur si recte mentem opificis augurer in hunc ferme modum componitur. Sit armilla parve quidem profunditatis…’ (215r-216v). Blank: 217. The other parts of the MS deal with history, geography and hippiatrics: Appian of Alexandria, Historia Romana (1r-78v, excerpts Bellum Hispanicum and Bellum Hannibalicum); geography ‘Gratissime pater, cum circa descriptionem demonstrationesque universalis cosmographie…’, end gone (218r-227v and 383r-429r); fragment of a treatise of hippiatrics (228r-246v); tables and text of geography (251r-381v and 434r-469v). Blank: 66v, 79, 217, 247-250, 382, 429v-433v (except fragment of a table f. 431r).

Bibl. Catalogus codicum manuscriptorum Bibliothecae Regiae, III: Cod. Latini 4794-7225, Paris, 1744, 157.


‘Reverendissimo in Christo patri ac domino Bessarioni episcopo Tusculano, sancte Romane eclesie cardinali, patriarche Constantinopolitano, Iohannes Germanus de Regio Monte se offert devotissimum. <A>dmiranti mihi sepenumero vel pocius graviter et inique serenti tam raros esse etate nostra optimarum... (82r) <R>ecte profecto meo iudicio nobiliores philozophi, o Sire, distinxerunt inter theoricam philosophie et practicam partem — Quod postremo hoc in theoreumate explorare et cepto labori modum statuere decrevimus. Finis Epitomatis in Almagestum Ptolomei anno 1422 (!) Bude.’

= Johannes Regiomontanus, Epitome Almagesti (C.1.21)

. Preface, 80r-81v; I, 82r-92v; II, 92v-102v; III, 102v-114r; IV, 114r-122r; V, 122r-136v; VI, 136v-150r; VII, 150r-155v; VIII, 156r-163r; IX, 163v-175r; X, 175v-184v; XI, 184v-194r; XII, 194v-201r; XIII, 201r-213r. A few short marginal notes by the scribe, f. 88v, 89r, 90v, 101v, 111r, 112v, 113r, 118v, 119v, 123v, 127v, 138v, 148r, 161r, 167r, 172v, 176v, 188r, 188v, 195v, 206v.