Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Oxford, Bodleian Library, Arch. Seld. A. 32

[Colour photographs of textblock and covers.]
Collection of 14 works: Arabic. Date:

undated, before 633/1235-6.


unknown, several unknown scribes.


bought by Yaḥyā b. Muḥammad Najm al-Dīn b. al-Lubūdī in Damascus in 633/1235-6 (f. 1r). Another statement of ownership, dated 838/1434-5 (1r). A short administrative note, dated 996, and a note of donation by Darwīsh Ḥasan Ānī (1v). Old shelfmarks: ‘3140’ and ‘A7’ (Ir).

Cod.: paper, III+200+IIa ff. (foliated with European-Arabic numerals in pencil; older foliation with Hindu-Arabic numerals and crossed-out pagination in European-Arabic numerals; a further older foliation by quire for ff. 81r–187r; no catchwords). Three different hands. First hand (1v-80r): brown naskh, partially dotted ductus. Second hand (81v–188r, including the Ptolemaic work): black naskh, mostly dotted with occasional tashkīl. Third hand (189v–200r): brown naskh, mostly dotted with occasional tashkīl. All hands without hamzas or shaddas; mostly 23 lines per page. Numerous diagrams with lines and letters in black, some later added in pencil (78v–79r). Two inserted smaller leaves that are not part of the original work (ff. 125–126). Only occasional minor moisture stains. Brown leather cover with golden frames. Type III binding, previously Type II (traces of the flap on ff. IIIr–1r).

Cont.: mathematics, astronomy, cosmology. — Index: conjuration (IIIv); table of contents (1r); Apollonius, Kitāb fī Qaṭʿ al-khuṭūṭ ʿalā l-nisab (1v–80r); anonymous note and planetary diagram (80v); al-Ḥasan b. al-Ḥasan Ibn al-Haytham, Fī Ṣūrat al-kusūf (81v–100v); Ibn al-Haytham, Fī Ḥarakat al-qamar (100v–107r); Ibn al-Haytham, Fī stikhrāj samt al-qibla (107r–115r); Ibn al-Haytham, Fī Masʾala handasiyya (115v–120r); Ibn al-Haytham, Fī stikhrāj irtifāʾ al-quṭb ʿalā ghāyat al-taḥqīq (120v–127v, with an unrelated anonymous fragment on the inlaid ff. 125r–126v); Ibn al-Haytham, Fī Aḍwāʾ al-kawākib (127v–131v); Ibn al-Haytham, second book of Taṣḥīḥ al-aʿmāl al-nujūmiyya (132v–162r); Ptolemaica (162v–184v); Ḥumayd b. Ḥusayn al-Ḥāsib, Maʿrifat samt al-qibla (185r–186v); Ibn al-Haytham, Fī stikhrāj aʿmidat al-jibāl (187r–188r); al-Kindī, Risāla fī l-Madd wa-l-jazr (189v–198r); al-Kindī, Risāla fī ʿIllat al-lawn al-lāzuwardī lladhī yurā fī al-jaww fī jihat al-samāʾ (198v–200r). Blank: 81r, 126v, 132r, 188v, 198r, 200v.

Bibl.: Johannes Uri, Bibliothecae Bodleianae Codicum Manuscriptorum Orientalium, videlicet Hebraicorum, Chaldaicorum, Syriacorum, Aethiopicorum, Arabicorum, Persicorum, Turcicorum, Copticorumque Catalogus. Pars prima, Codices Manuscripti Arabici, Oxford: Clarendon, 1787, p. 190 (no. DCCCLXXVII); Alexander Nicoll and Edward B. Pusey, Catalogi codicum manuscriptorum orientalium Bibliothecae Bodleianae. Pars secunda. Arabicos complectens, Oxford: Clarendon, 1835, p. 599; Abdelhamid I. Sabra, N. Shehaby and I. Madkour, Ibn al-Haytham: al-Shukūk ʿalā Batlamyūs (Dubitationes in Ptolemaeum), Cairo: The National Library Press, 1971, pp. IX, م ,ك. Fihrist. Union Catalogue of Manuscripts from the Islamicate World:


\162v\ الحقّ مطلوب لذاته وكلّ مطلوب لذاته فليس يعني طالبه غير وجوده ووجود الحقّ صعب والطريق إليه وعر والحقائق منغمسة في الشبهات وحسن الظنّ بالعلماء في طباع جميع الناس. — \184v\ وهذا آخر ما نقوله في كتاب المناظر وهو الخبر الذي نختمّ فيه هذه المقالة وحسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل تمّت المقالة.

= Ibn al-Haytham, al-Shukūk ʿalā Baṭlamyūs (C.1.11)

. — Title: Maqāla li-l-Ḥasan b. al-Ḥasan b. al-Haytham fī l-shukūk ʿalā Baṭlamiyūs (162v). Index: author’s preface, 162v–163r; on the Almagest, 163r–180r; on the Planetary Hypotheses, 180r–182v; on the Optics, 183r–184v. Incomplete, several folios missing between ff. 182v and 183r. — Undated scribal colophon stating that the text was copied from a copy of the autograph and collated against it (184v). Only a few marginal corrections and additions; no glosses.