Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Oxford, Bodleian Library, Hunt. 547

[Black-and-white microfilm scans of the textblock; colour photographs of the Ptolemaic work and covers.]
Collection of two works: Arabic. Date:

Ptolemaic work completed on Thursday, 10 Jumādā l-ūlā 979/Sunday (!), 30 September 1571 (colophon, 19v); second work undated.


unknown; first work copied by Yūnus al-Azharī al-Batnūnī (19v), second work copied by Muḥammad b. Aḥmad al-Rūmī al-Aghrāsī al-Ḥanafī (21r).


a statement of ownership by a certain ʿAlī b. Muḥammad, dated 1052/1642-3 (1r). Old shelfmark ‘73 R. Huntington’ and current shelfmark ‘Hunt. 547’ (1r); current shelfmark ‘Hunt. 547’ and Uri catalogue number ‘Arab. Moh. CMXX’ (Ir).

Cod.: III+65 ff. (foliated with Arabic-European numerals in the upper left corner of rectos; catchwords). Two different hands. First hand (1v–19v, Ptolemaic work): slightly angular naskh; almost fully dotted ductus, no shaddas, no hamzas. Rubricated chapter and book numbers, catch titles in tawqīʿ in red (except for Books I and XI). Substantial diagrams with letters, a few labels. Second hand (21v–65v): reclined naskh; almost fully dotted ductus, occasional shaddas, no hamzas. Substantial diagrams with labels, no letters; the position of the apogees in the diagrams are said to have been marked by a certain Muḥammad, referred to as ‘the son’ (al-walad) on f. 21r. Folios 25–30 partially cut off, occasional moisture stains, smudges of ink affecting the body text. Dimensions: not provided; 29/27 lines per page (misṭara imprints visible). Modern light brown cardboard cover with double-frame. Type III binding, originally bound in a cover with a flap (traces on the front flyleaf).

Cont.: astronomy. — Index: Ptolemaica (1v–19v); Ibn al-Shāṭir, Kitāb Nihāyat al-sūʾl fī taṣḥīḥ al-uṣūl (21r–65v). Blank: f. 20.

Bibl.: Johannes Uri, Bibliothecae Bodleianae Codicum Manuscriptorum Orientalium, videlicet Hebraicorum, Chaldaicorum, Syriacorum, Aethiopicorum, Arabicorum, Persicorum, Turcicorum, Copticorumque Catalogus. Pars prima, Codices Manuscripti Arabici, Oxford: Clarendon, 1787, p. 200 (no. CMXX). Fihrist. Union Catalogue of Manuscripts from the Islamicate World:


\1v\ 〈…〉 وبعد فإنّ كتاب المجسطي لبطلميوس الذي هو عمدة النوع التعليميّ وقانون تحقيق الأرصاد لما كان متعلّق العبارة مع الإسهاب رأيت أن اختصره بنقل ألفاظه إلى ما يستعمله المحدّثون وتغيير بعضها وتبديل أكثرها وإسقاط الأشكال المكرّرة وإلغاء الجداول — \19v\ وبعكس ذلك لو فرضنا الانحرافات معلومة فإنّ الانحراف الأعظم الكاين في البعد الأبعد والبعد الأقرب يكون معلومًا ويخرج بالحساب موافقًا لما أدركناه بالرصد في رسم الجداول في حساب العروض. الجدول في ظهور الخمسة المتحيّرة واختفاءها القول فيها كما تقدّم في الكواكب الثابتة.

= al-Khāzimī, Ikhtiṣār al-Majisṭī (C.1.13)

. — Title: al-Mukhtaṣar min Kitāb al-Majisṭī li-Baṭlamyūs (title page, 1r). — Index: author’s preface, 1v–2v; Book I, 2v–5r; II, 5r–7r; III, 7r–8v; IV, 8v–9v; V, 9v–12r; VI, 12r–v; VII, 12v; VIII, 12v–13r; IX, 13r–15r; X, 15r–16v; XI, 16v; XII, 16v–18r; XIII, 18r–19v. — Dated scribal colophon (19v). Collation marks (e.g., 18r) and a statement of collation (19v); occasional glosses; marginal corrections indicated with ṣḥ.