Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Work C.1.28

Erasmus Reinhold
〈Commentum in Almagesti V.12-18〉

A commentary on Almagest V.12-18 written by Erasmus Reinhold in 1549. This commentary is found in Reinhold’s notebook, otherwise mainly devoted to a commentary on Copernicus’s De revolutionibus. In the same year 1549, Reinhold published his translation and commentary of Book I of the Almagest (A.1.5).

Note Another autograph of Reinhold is MS Philadelphia, UP-KC, LJS 397, which contains 37 folia of astronomical notes and calculations, including questions pertaining to Book V of the Almagest (f. 3v-4v: ‘De proportionibus trium corporum. Hinc etiam facile constat solidarum magnitudinem…’). These notes are not dated.

Text ‘(Berlin, SBPK, lat. fol. 391) In Ptolemaei Μεγαλην σινταξιν, βιβλίου ε΄. (172v) Caput XII libri quinti. (173r) De maxima Lunae latitudine. Alexandriae latitudo est graduum 30.58. Quando autem Luna versabatur in tropico aestivo et in maxima latitudine — canonem parallaxium (?) Solis et Lunae. Θεῷ δοξα. Calendis Ianuarii 1549.’

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