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Work C.1.29

Erasmus Oswald Schreckenfuchs
In Almagesti priores tres libros annotationes

A lemmatic commentary on Almagest I-III published in 1551 by the mathematician Erasmus Oswald Schreckenfuchs (1511-1575). This commentary was written as a reading aid to the Almagest in George of Trebizond’s translation (A.1.4), which Schreckenfuchs published as part of his volume of Ptolemy’s Opera omnia in Basel in 1551. Schreckenfuchs’s contribution aside, this volume is essentially a reprint of Ptolemy’s Opera omnia published in Basel in 1541.

Text ‘(ed. Basel 1551) (a1r-a6r) Erasmi Osvaldi Schrekhenfuchsii ad lectorem praefatio, qua Claud<ii> Ptolemaei in Almagesto difficiliora explicantur. In primis duobus libris, optime lector, breviusculis annotationibus — habebit magnum aditum ad reliqua vale. Praefationis Erasmi Osvaldi Schrekhenfuchsii ad lectorem finis. (b1r-f3v) Eras<mi> Osvaldi Schrekhenfuchsii in Magnae compositionis Cl<audii> Ptolemaei Pelusiensis Alexandrini libri I annotationes. Caput II. Propositi autem] In hoc capite proponitur totius Almagesti series ac ordo — (f3v) 219 dierum, 17 horarum et 58 min<utorum> hactenus de hoc capite. Eras<mi> Osvaldi Schrekhenfuchsii in Almagesti priores tres libros annotationum finis’ (followed by two astronomical figures, f4r-f4v).

Bibl. L. Thorndike, A History of Magic and Experimental Science, VI, New York, 1941, 16. On Schreckenfuchs, see also H. Schröckenfuchs, Erasmus Oswald Schreckenfuchs 1511–1575 und seine Nachkommen, Wien, 2008; M. Malpangotto, Theoricae novae planetarum Georgii Peurbacii dans l’histoire de l’astronomie, Paris, 2021, 221-232.

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