Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Work C.4.3

Johannes Praetorius
Analemma Ptolemaei quomodo se in plano habeat

Notes on Ptolemy’s Analemma by Johannes Praetorius (1537-1616), instrument maker and professor of mathematics in Wittenberg (1571-1576) and Altdorf (1576-1616). The text is not attributed to Praetorius, but the only known MS is in his hand and looks like an author’s copy. Praetorius had probably access to Ptolemy’s text in Federico Commandino’s edition of 1562 (C.4.2).

Text ‘(Schweinfurt, SB, H 9) Analemma Ptolemaei quomodo se in plano habeat. Instar Analemma Ptolemaei — secundum (?) percipiuntur.’

Bibl. 450 Jahre Copernicus „De revolutionibus“. Astronomische und mathematische Bücher aus Schweinfurter Bibliotheken. Ausstellung des Stadtarchivs Schweinfurt in Zusammenarbeit mit der Bibliothek Otto Schäfer (21. November 1993 – 19. Juni 1994), ed. U. Müller, Schweinfurt, 1998, 45-46 and 358, no. 174 (entries by M. Folkerts).

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