Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Work C.4.2

Federico Commandino
Claudii Ptholemei liber de Analemmate cum commentariis

A commentary on Ptolemy’s Liber de Analemmate (A.5.1) published by Federico Commandino in Rome in 1562. The commentary is interspersed with Ptolemy’s original text, here given in a version revised by Commandino. MS Urbino, BU, Fondo del Comune – Busta 120 (28) contains the draft or the preparatory work for the edition.

Text ‘(ed. Rome 1562) Claudii Ptholemei liber de Analemmate cum commentariis Federici Commandini Urbinatis. [text] Consideranti mihi, Syre, ex angulis, qui circa gnomonis locum accipiuntur, qui rationali consentanei essent… (1v) [comm.] Commentarius. Antiquos mathematicos de gnomonicis rationibus conscripsisse ex Vitruvio, Ptolemaeoque satis constat — ab ipso Analemmate exordium capientes’ (followed by diagram).

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Modern ed. None. Sinisgalli/Vastola have edited Ptolemy’s original text from ed. Rome 1562, but without Commandino’s commentary.