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Work C.4.8

John Holbroke
〈Commentum in Dixerunt Ptolomeus et Hermes〉

A commentary on Pseudo-Ptolemy’s Dixerunt Ptolomeus et Hermes quod locus Lune… (B.5) written by John Holbroke, master of Peterhouse, Cambridge, from 1418 to 1431. The commentary opens with the original text, which is reproduced in full. MS London, BL, Egerton 889 is John Holbroke’s autograph.

Text ‘(London, BL, Egerton 889) (109r) [text] Dixerunt Ptholomeus et Hermes quod locus Lune in quo erat Luna in hora in qua infunditur sperma est gradus ascendentis nativitatis — et hoc expertus fuit multociens. (109r-110r) [comm.] Nota: Pro invenienda figura conceptionis nati omnibus aliis pretermissis, si hora coniunctionis vel preventionis fuerint due planete equales in virtute — Lune vero 9, hec sunt secundum Alkabitium. Quod H.’

Bibl. On John Holbroke, see C. P. E. Nothaft, ‘John Holbroke, the Tables of Cambridge, and the “True Length of the Year”: a Forgotten Episode in Fifteenth-Century Astronomy’, Archive for History of Exact Sciences 72 (2018), 63-88.

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