Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Work C.1.26

Johannes Noviomagus
Isagoge in Ptolomaei Phaenomena

A general introduction to the star catalogue of the Almagest published by Johannes Noviomagus (Jan van Bronkhorst, 1494-1570) in Cologne in 1537, as a preamble to his edition of Ptolemy’s star catalogue in George of Trebizond’s translation (A.1.4). Noviomagus was then professor of mathematics and Greek at the University of Cologne.

Text ‘(ed. Cologne 1537) Isagoge in Ptolomaei Phaenomena. Ut igitur Phaenomena quae astrologiae primordia sunt rectius intelligantur a studiosis vocat in Meteoris. Finis.’

Bibl. E. Dekker, P. H. Meurer, R. Satterley, ‘Zwei Himmelskarten nach Dürer bei Johannes Noviomagus (Köln 1537)’, Cartographica Helvetica 42 (2010), 39-53: 44.

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