Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Work C.1.25

Luca Gaurico
Additiones in Almagesti

Short additions to the Almagest, consisting mainly of tables (shadow tables, tables of months) and a note on the precessional increment to the star catalogue for 1530, made by Luca Gaurico as an appendix to his own edition of the Almagest in the translation of George of Trebizond (A.1.4) published in Venice in 1528. Gaurico also left a few annotations in the margins of the text of the Almagest (ed. Venice 1528 – in the subsequent editions of 1541 and 1551, these annotations have been inserted into the text in italics with the mention ‘Gauric<us>’).

Text ‘(ed. Venice 1528) (141v) Gaurici addictiones. [Table] Umbra gnomonis in meridiebus… (142r) Tabula ad sciendum latitudines regionum per horas diei prolixioris et econtra… (142v) L. Gauricus Neapol. lectoribus foelicitatem. Stellas fixas Ptolemaei ad annum salutis 1530 redigere. Si quispiam omnes stellas fixas Ptolemaei tempore observatas ad nostram hanc tempestatem seu mavis annum Christi 1530 redigere voluerit, ipsarum longitudinibus G. 19, M. 50 adiiciat… (142v-143v) tables of months’.

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