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Work C.2.12

Anonymous Commentary on the Tetrabiblos (Greek)

Εἰς τὰ Πτολεμαίου ἀποτελέσματα (‘<Commentary> on Ptolemy’s Apotelesmata’, title given in the earliest manuscript, from the eleventh century) is a commentary on the complete text of the Tetrabiblos, written sometime between c. 467 and c. 575 in Alexandria by an anonymous scholar, possibly Heliodorus of Alexandria. Besides the two translations by Giorgio Valla (C.2.12.1) and Hieronymus Wolf (C.2.12.2), this text also made its way in Latin through Isaac Argyros’s Paraphrasis in Anonymum commentum in Quadripartitum (C.2.16).

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Modern ed. The Greek text was first published in Basel in 1559 (from MS Munich, BSB, Cod. Graec. 59, s. XVI, f. 210r-312v, see Caballero-Sánchez, ‘Historia del texto’, 86 and 173) by Hieronymus Wolf, together with his own Latin translation (C.2.12.2). A critical edition is in preparation by Raúl Caballero-Sánchez.