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Work C.2.18

Adam Tussinus de Tarnovia (?)
〈Commentata epitome in Quadripartitum〉

A commented summary of Quadripartitum II-IV found in the personal notebook of Adam Tussinus de Tarnovia, who lectured on astronomy and astrology at the University of Cracow between 1528 and 1545 and who is known in particular for his astrological almanacs and annual prognostications produced between 1532 and 1537. The source text is Plato of Tivoli’s translation (A.1.2), as shown by the explicit, but the author appears to have also used Egidius de Tebaldis’s translation (A.2.5), for he often refers to ‘Hali’, i.e. Haly Abenrudian, and he also copied a section of Haly’s commentary elsewhere in his notebook (pp. 239-266). The author also refers to other authorities, including Albumasar (‘Albumasar in Libro magnarum coniunctionum’, p. 31) and Agostino Nifo (‘Augustinus Niphus id ita exponit’, p. 36).

Text ‘(Cracow, BJ, 3224) (19-76) [book ii] Liber secundus Quadrupartiti XIII c<apitula> continentes. Capitulum primum. De generali divisione scientie huius. Post dicta generalia in scientia astrorum omnibus partibus huius artis convenientia — accidentibus predictis coloribus significatis indicabunt. (83-145) [book iii] Pro habenda declaratione nativitatum regulas has ex tertio Quadripartiti Ptholomei breviter recollectas in mente habeas et habebis vera prognostica earum. In parte prohemiali Ptholomeus docet quod in principio sui Quadripartiti libri vult ponere regulas universales… (84) In casu spermatis et exitu hominis capitulum primum. Principium cuiuslibet hominis est — ad iudicia futurorum predicenda. (146-223) [book iv] Quartus liber … (?) Ptholomei et regule generales ex eo recollecte … (?). Dividitur in prohemium et — finem libro imponere non incongruum existimamus.’

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