Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Oxford, Bodleian Library, Marsh 206

[Colour scanned images of the textblock and covers.]
Single work: Arabic. Date:

early 11th/17th c. (? Fihrist).


unknown, probably the Maghreb; copied by Shaykh Aḥmad Maṣūba (?) and his disciple (201r).


a partially erased statement of ownership by … b. Manṣūr b. Yāl.t.n (?) al-W.zka (?) (1r). A crossed-out statement of ownership by … b. ʿAlī … with signature (1r). Old shelfmark: ‘Math. No. 9’ (Ir), catalogue number ‘Urii Moh. Arab. CMXCII’ (Ir).

Cod.: laid paper, I+201+Ia ff. (foliated with Arabic-European numerals; catchwords). Two maghribī hands in black. First hand (1v–88v): readable and elegant. Fully dotted ductus; occasional vowels and hamzas and frequent shaddas. Centered book headings in red; the words qāla Baṭlamiyūs introducing text by Ptolemy in red and the words qāla l-mufassir introducing text by ʿAlī b. Riḍwān in blue. Second hand (89v–201v): faster and unpolished. Partially dotted ductus; hardly any vowels, hamzas or shaddas. Book headings in bold black; the words qāla Baṭlamyūs introducing text by Ptolemy and qāla l-mufassir introducing text by ʿAlī b. Riḍwān in bold black. Minor tables and horoscopes. Dimensions: not provided; 30 lines (1v–88v) and 27 lines (89v–201v) per page. Substantial moisture stains; mold stains; ink smudges. Some restorations of the first folios not affecting the body text. Covers in reddish leather over paper pasteboards decorated with fillets. Type III binding.

Cont.: astrology. — Index: title page (1r); Ptolemaica (1v–201v). Blank: Iv, 89r, 131r.

Bibl.: Johannes Uri, Bibliothecae Bodleianae Codicum Manuscriptorum Orientalium, videlicet Hebraicorum, Chaldaicorum, Syriacorum, Aethiopicorum, Arabicorum, Persicorum, Turcicorum, Copticorumque Catalogus. Pars prima, Codices Manuscripti Arabici, Oxford: Clarendon, 1787, p. 216 (no. CMXCII); Alexander Nicoll and Edward B. Pusey, Catalogi codicum manuscriptorum orientalium Bibliothecae Bodleianae. Pars secunda. Arabicos complectens, Oxford: Clarendon, 1835, p. 605; Fihrist – Union Catalogue of Manuscripts from the Islamicate World


\1v\ ⟨…⟩ [title] قال أبو الحسن علي بن رضوان بن علي بن الطبيب: قصدنا أن شرح أقاويل بطلميوس في صناعة القضاء بالنجوم على الحوادث. فنقول: إن القضاء بالنجوم على الحوادث صناعة تُنبئ عن مبادئ صادقة للمتكونات المزمعة وذلك أن مبادئها الصادقة وهي أشياء تبين بعضها في العلم الطبيعي وبعضها في العلم التعالمي — \201v\ فهذه أشياء قد شرحتها لك فانعم النظر فيها وتأملها والله يهدي من يشاء إلى صراط مستقيم.

= ʿAlī ibn Riḍwān, Tafsīr al-Maqālāt al-arbaʿ (C.2.3)

. — Title: Kitāb al-Arbaʿ maqālāt wa-sharḥu-hu li-ʿAlī b. Riḍwān fī l-mawālīd wa-l-aḥkām al-nujūmiyya, raḥima-hu taʿālā (1r). — Additional title: Tafsīr Abī l-Ḥasan ʿAlī b. Riḍwān b. Jaʿfar al-Ṭabīb al-Kitāb al-Arbaʿ maqālāt (201v). — Index: Book I.1 (=I), 1v–19r; I.2 (=II), 19r–35r; I.3 (=III), 35r–49r; II.1 (=IV), 49r–63r; II.2 (=V), 63r–78r; II.3 (=VI), 78r–88v; III.1 (=VII), 89v–110r; III.2 (=VIII), 110r–130v; III.3 (=IX), 131v–155v; IV.1 (=X), 156r–171r; IV.2 (=XI), 171r–189v; IV.3 (=XII), 190r–201v. — Undated scribal colophon. The end of Chapter III.2 and the beginning of Chapter III.3 are missing. The manuscript was copied by two different scribes (1v–88v and 89v–201v), presumably at two different times. There is a statement of revision at the end of the manuscript by the second scribe. However, the part copied by the second scribe is particularly faulty. Substantial marginal corrections. In a statement of revision (201v), the scribe states that lacunae in the present manuscript were already found in the base manuscript, and that in case he would find a new copy, he would fill them. Substantial marginalia.