Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Princeton, University Library, Islamic Manuscripts Third Series 870q

[Colour scanned images of textblock and covers.]
Incomplete single work: Arabic. Date:



unknown; unknown scribe.


no seals or owner statements. Purchased by the Princeton University Library in 2017.

Cod.: Paper with watermarks, I+63 ff. (modern foliation in pencil with Arabic-European numerals; catchwords). One nastaʿlīq hand. Headings and abjad numbers in red, first words of commentaries overlined in red. Numerous diagrams and a single small table. Dimensions: 308×214 mm, written area: 225×140 mm; 37 lines per page. Manuscript in good condition. Gold- and blind-tooled frame on the covers. Type III binding.

Cont.: Astronomy.— Index: astronomical notes (1r); Ptolemaica (1v–63r). Blank: Ir–v, 63v.

Bibl.: PUL Catalog:

= al-Birjandī, Sharḥ Taḥrīr al-Majisṭī (C.1.42)

. — Title: Sharḥ afḍal al-muhandisīn mullā ʿAbd al-ʿAlī Birjandī bar Kitāb Majisṭī Baṭlamyūs Qalūdhī yūnānī (1r, top left). — The text breaks off in Chapter V.5. Some corrections and additions in the margins.