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Qom, Kitābkhānah-yi ʿumūmī-yi Ḥadrat-i Āyat Allāh al-ʿuẓmā Marʿashī Najafī, 3319

[Colour scanned images of the textblock.]
Single incomplete work: Arabic. Date:



unknown; unknown scribe.


ownership statement by Nawwāb Ṣadr in Persian (1r). Ownership statement by Sayyid Muḥammad in Persian (166v); a faded oval seal of ownership of Muḥammad ʿAlī b. Muḥammad Jawād (166v, Ḥusaynī); a rectangular seal of ownership of a certain Aḥmad (166v). Two rectangular seals with Quranic mottos (1r); a rectangular seal with part of a Quranic verse (1r). Modern library stamp in purple (1r, 15r, 46v, etc.).

Cod.: paper, I+166+Ia ff. (foliated with Hindu-Arabic numerals in pencil; quire numbers in the upper left corner of every eighth recto in abjad notation, starting with ‘2’ on f. 2r and hence suggesting that seven folios were lost at the beginning; occasional catchwords). A single black nastaʿlīq hand in a fast and occasionally dotted ductus without shaddas or hamzas. Book numbers written out in bold black; chapter numbers in bold black or red, either written out in words or as abjad numerals; section numbers in bold black abjad numerals. Al-Ṭūsī’s quotations and al-Samarqandī’s comments are respectively introduced by qh (for qawlu-hū) and n (for naqūlu) in black or red. Several diagrams with lines and labels in black or red. Manuscript in good condition; a few moisture stains, not affecting the readability; edges trimmed. Dimensions of the pages: 16×12 cm; 17 lines per page. Type III binding.

Cont.: astronomy. — Index: Ptolemaica (1r–166v). Blank: ff. I, Ia.

Bibl.: Aḥmad Ḥusaynī, Fihrist-i nuskhahā-yi khaṭṭī-yi Kitābkhāna-yi ʿumūmī-yi Ḥadrat-i Āyatallāh al-ʿUẓmā Najafī Marʿashī, vol. IX, Qom, 1981 (1360 H.S.), p. 98.


\1r\ قه وتر المخمّس نه لمّا في ٮح من ٮح الأصول قه ویبقی خطّ ك ر نه لأنّ خطّ ه ر مثل خطّ ه ب وخ ب وه ك معلومان فیکون ك ر معلومًا قه الوتر لقوس لو نه لأنّ لو عشر المحیط قه فمربّع ضلع المخمّس نه هو مجموع مربّعي ك ر ك ب لمّا في العروتین — \166v\ یلزم ممّا مرّ أن یکون الکوکب قد تحرّك من الخفاء المسائيّ إلی الظهور الصباحيّ إلی خلاف التوالي ج ید فضل ج لح علی ه کد لأنّ الزهرة حینئذ في الخفاء المسائيّ والظهور الصباحيّ جمیعًا تکون متقدّمة علی السمت أمّا في الخفاء المسائيّ فظاهر وأمّا في الظهور الصباحيّ فلأنّ که بعد الزهرة عن الأفق الشرقيّ تحت الأرض أکثر من ك ه بعد السمت عنه لأنّ الأوّل ط یج.

= Shams al-Dīn Muḥammad ibn Ashraf al-Samarqandī, Sharḥ Taḥrīr al-Majisṭī (C.1.37)

. — Title: Sharḥ Majisṭī (1r) — Additional titles: Sharḥ al-Majisṭī (Ir) — Index: Book I (acephalous, starting in Chapter I.10), 1r–17r; II, 17r–30v; III, 30v–43r; IV, 43r–55v; V, 55v–72r; VI, 72r–97r; VII (incomplete at the end), 97r–98v; VIII, 98v–103r; IX, 103r–115v; X, 115v–121r; XI, 121r–132v; XII, 132v–146v; XIII (incomplete at the end), 146v–166v. — Large omissions in the text supplemented in the margins (e.g., 54v, 66r, 105v); marginal corrections, in some cases with siglum ṣḥ, all in the scribe’s hand. Several glosses.