Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, lat. 7406

s. XIII2 (in or after 1273, cf. f. 30v-32r).


the calendar f. 83r-85v includes references to a university environment (‘festive’, ‘non legitur’) and to Paris, Rouen, northern France and England (see Pedersen).


Colbert; library of the kings of France in 1732.

Parchment, 141 f., one or two similar hands, decorated initials.

Astronomy: canons Cb of Toledan tables ‘Quoniam cuiusque actionis quantitatem…’, mistakenly attributed to ‘Iohannes de Silicia (!), 1290’ by a 15th-c. hand on f. 1r (1ra-18ra); Theorica planetarum Gerardi (18va-20vb, continued on f. 138ra-141r); canons of Toledan tables (21ra-30ra); list of beginnings of the years of the Arabs for 1273-1320 (30v-32r); Toledan tables (32v-82v); calendar (83r-85v); tables of Novara (86r-113v); Ptolemaica (114ra-137vb); Theorica planetarum Gerardi (138ra-141r, see f. 18va-20vb above). Blank: 141v.

Bibl. Catalogus codicum manuscriptorum Bibliothecae Regiae, IV: Cod. Latini 7226-8822, Paris, 1744, 352; F. S. Pedersen, Scriptum Johannis de Sicilia super canones Azarchelis de tabulis Toletanis, København, 1986, 38; F. S. Pedersen, The Toledan Tables. A Review of the Manuscripts and the Textual Versions with an Edition, København, 2002, I, 159-160; D. Juste, Catalogus Codicum Astrologorum Latinorum, II: Les manuscrits astrologiques latins conservés à la Bibliothèque nationale de France à Paris, Paris, 2015, 140.


‘Geber in libro 30 figurarum ad probationem sui propositi commodius habendam quedam premittit. Prima autem eius propositio eadem est prime Theodosii — et fecit currere illud secundum semitam indagationis subtilis.’

= 〈Commentum in Gebri Librum super Almagesti〉 (C.1.6)

. Introduction, 114ra; Book I, 114ra-120vb; II, 121ra-128rb; III, 128rb-135rb; IV, 135rb-137vb (breaks off in the middle of IV.1 after nine lines on f. 137vb). No glosses.