Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Florence, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, Magliabech. XI.114

s. XIV2-XV.


Italy, probably Florence (copied by the same scribe who copied MS Florence, BNC, Conv. Soppr. J.IV.20 (San Marco 182)(see)).


family Strozzi.

Paper, 2 vols (36+24 f., with modern foliation in pencil in the first volume), a single hand. These two volumes originally formed one MS, previously foliated ‘57-110’ (with gaps) for the first volume and ‘1-24’ for the second volume.

Astronomy: Andalo di Negro, Theorica distantiarum omnium sperarum (I/1r-8v); Hyginus, De astronomia, Books III-IV and I-II (I/9ra-19vb); Ptolemaica (I/21r-36v); Hyginus, De astronomia (II/1ra-22vb). Blank: I/20, II/23r-24v.


G. Targioni-Tozzetti, Catalogo dei codici della libreria Strozziana…, I, Firenze, 1759 (handwritten catalogue), 278; A. Galante, ‘Index codicum classicorum Latinorum qui Florentiae in Bybliotheca Magliabechiana adservantur. Pars II (cl. VII-XL)’, Studi Italiana di Filologia Classica 15 (1907), 129-159: 140-141; P. McGurk, Astrological Manuscripts in Italian Libraries (Other than Rome), London, 1966, 33-35; P. O. Kristeller, Iter Italicum, I, London-Leiden, 1977, 114; D. Blume, M. Haffner, W. Metzger, Sternbilder des Mittelalters und der Renaissance. Der gemalte Himmel zwischen Wissenschaft und Phantasie, II: 1200-1500, Berlin, 2016, 2 vols, II.1: Text und Katalog der Handschriften, 559-561.


‘Exportio canonica descriptionis stellarum secundi boreale episperio. Formationes. Ursa Minor. Que in extremo Caude: Gemini 0° 10′ – 66° 0′ – Bor. – 3. Que post ipsa in Cuada (!): Gemini 2° 30′ – 70° 0′ – Bor. – 4 — obscure 9, nubi similis 5, 7 crinis.’

= Ptolemy, Almagesti (tr. Gerard of Cremona) (A.1.2), VII.5-VIII.1, star catalogue. No glosses.