Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Rome, Biblioteca Vallicelliana, F 37

s. XVex-XVI1 (in or after 1483 for f. 148v-152v).


Italy, probably Rome (cf. f. 4r-5r and 148v-152v).


Vincenzo Badalocchio (1529-1593); Vincenzo Vettori (1700-1782).

Paper, 343 f., one main hand, except for printed texts (f. 7r-53v and 227r-343v) and for a few sections written by several later hands, at least f. 1-6 and 78-81.

Astrology and astronomy in a collection of texts, excerpts and notes sometimes difficult to collate. Identifiable items include: judgement on the nativity of Franciscus Diaz (son of the prothonotary Didacus Diaz), born in Rome on 5 August 1534, added by another hand (4r-5r); Capitula Almansoris (57r-60v); Hermes, Centiloquium (61r-63v); Ptolemaica (63v); ‘Tractatus conficiendi instrumentum ad directiones cuius (?) significatoris habendas. Accipe tabulam planam super cuius extremitatem fac circulum…’ (64r-66v); Messahallah, Liber interpretationum, c. 5-6 (67v-68r); Pseudo-Messahallah, De compositione astrolabii, second part on use (73bisr-77r); Albumasar, Flores (84r-88v); Albumasar, De revolutionibus annorum mundi (88v-110v); Messahallah, Epistola de rebus eclipsium (111r-113v); judgement on a nativity of 13 September 1423, dated ‘Rome 1483, 9a Maii’ (149v-152v); Astronomia Ypocratis (161r-164r); several texts on astronomical instruments (172r-198r), including Franco de Polonia’s Tractatus de turketo (175v-176v); Giles of Lessines, De essentia, motu et significatione cometarum (203r-222v); Zael, Introductorium, incomplete (223r-226v). The printed texts include Johannes Ganivetus, Amicus medicorum, ed. 1496 (7r-44v); Johannes Ganivetus, Celi enarrant gloriam Dei…, ed. 1496 (45r-53v); Johannes Virdung of Hassfurt, Nova medicinae methodus nunc primum et condita et aedita ex mathematica ratione morbos curandi, ed. 1532 (227r-330v); and Girolamo Manfredi, Centiloquium de infirmis et medicis, ed. 1488 (334r-343r).

Bibl. V. Vettori, Inventarium omnium codicum manuscriptorum Graecorum et Latinorum Bibliothecae Vallicellianae digestum, Roma, 1749, I, 302r (not seen); online entry on Manus OnLine (updated 20.12.2018)


‘Capitulum de scientia proiectionis radiorum. Cum proiectionem radiorum stellarum scire volueris, scias gradum ascendentis — erit locus radiationis equate. Finis.’