Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Cairo, Dār al-kutub, falsafa (W) 2837

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Collection of five works: Arabic. Date:

Sunday, 27 Dhū l-qaʿda 1361/6 December 1942 (p. 34).


Cairo; copied by Muḥammad Ḥamdī from Cairo, Dār al-kutub, akhlāq Taymūr 290, pp. 302–332 (p. 34). Copies by Ḥamdī of other sections from the same exemplar are likewise kept in the Dār al-Kutub, e.g., Yaḥyā b. ʿAdī’s Kitāb fī Tahdhīb al-akhlāq (in falsafa (W) 2825, cf. Sayyid, vol. I, p. 188) and the epitomes of three works by Galen (in falsafa (W) 2830–2832, cf. Sayyid, vol. III, pp. 37–38).


acquisition number ‘991/1943’ (p. 1).

Cod.: modern yellowish paper, 34 pp. (paginated with Hindu-Arabic numerals at the centre top; catchwords). A single black naskh hand with angular features; fully dotted ductus, hamzas only when isolated, no vowels. Red ink for titles, as well as for the verbum numbering (in abjad notation) and ‘al-tafsīr’ in the Ptolemaic work. References to the page numbers of the exemplar (pp. 302–331) added in the margins. Dimensions: 255×185 mm; 21 lines per page. Codex in excellent condition.

Cont.: philosophy, astrology, and tales. — Index: Ptolemaica (pp. 1–4); fragment of Abū Ḥayyān al-Tawḥīdī, Kitāb al-Muqābasāt (pp. 4–5); some chapters attributed to Abū Sulaymān (al-Sijistānī l-Manṭiqī?) (pp. 5–11); excerpts on ethics including seven fragments of the Ikhtiṣār al-Iskandarāniyyīn (pp. 11–18, end missing); Kitāb Bilawhar wa-Yūdāsaf (pp. 19–34, beginning and end missing); final line of an unidentified treatise (p. 34). Blank: none.

Bibl.: Fuʾād Sayyid, Fihrist al-makhṭūṭāt. Nashra bi-l-makhṭūṭāt allatī qtanat-hā al-Dār min sanat 1936 – 1955, 3 vols, Cairo: Maṭbaʻat Dār al-Kutub, 1961–1963, vol. I, pp. 188 and 431; vol. III, pp. 37–38; GAS VIIFuat Sezgin, Geschichte des arabischen Schrifttums. Vol. VII: Astrologie – Meteorologie und Verwandtes bis ca. 430 H., Leiden: Brill, 1979, p. 157. Not included in the catalogue by KingDavid A. King, Fihris al-makhṭūṭāt al-ʿilmiyya al-maḥfūẓa bi-Dār al-Kutub al-Miṣriyya, 2 vols, Cairo: General Egyptian Book Organisation, 1981–1986.

pp. 1–⁠4

\p. 2\ قال بطليموس قد يقدر المنجّم على دفع كثير من أفعال النجوم إذا كان عالمًا بطبيعة ما يؤثّر فيه الفعل ووطّأ للفعل قبل وقوعه قابلًا يحتمله — \p. 4\ وقال أحمد إنّ الفلاسفة يرون أنّ المحبّة والنفضة سنّتان للنفس يمنعانها من حسن الاستبراء.

= Abū Jaʿfar b. al-Dāya, Tafsīr Kitāb al-Thamara (C.3.1)

, selection from a version with 100 verba. — Title: Min Kitāb al-Thamara li-Baṭlīmūs sharḥ Aḥmad b. Yūsuf al-Kātib (pp. 1 and 4). — Index: title page (p. 1); selection of verba (pp. 2–4). — Undated scribal colophon. A single marginal correction. This manuscript contains Pseudo-Ptolemy’s verba 5 and 9 with their respective commentaries as well as the beginning of the commentary on verbum 12. Defective as copied from a defective exemplar.