Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Work C.2.37

〈Commentum in Quadripartitum (I)〉

A commentary on Quadripartitum III-IV in Antonius Gogava’s translation (A.2.10). The only extant manuscript, probably the original, dates from the end of the sixteenth or the beginning of the seventeenth century and comes from the monastery of San Bartolomeo in Rovigo (Veneto). A possible author would be Barnaba Riccobono, who was abbot of San Bartolomeo from 1590 to 1627 and who is known for his astronomical and astrological activities (see M. Shai, Villa Grimani Molin Avezzù at Fratta Polesine. Cosmological Themes in Decorative Programs of Sixteenth-Century Venetian Villas, PhD dissertation, Università di Venezia, 2013, 49 and 140). The commentary exhibits similarities in structure with Cardano’s In Ptolemaei librorum de iudiciis astrorum commentaria (C.2.24), which the present author seems to have used (cf. ‘Ex his colligit Cardanus’, f. 42v line 14). As it stands in the manuscript, the commentary was left interrupted with blank pages on f. 51v-53v (missing Textus XXXXI-LXIII in Book III) and f. 57r-59v (missing Textus LXXIIII to the end of Book III).

Text ‘(Bologna, BU, 1218) (42r-59v) [book iii] Claudii Ptolemaei mathematici de iudiciis liber tertius, cap. primum, quod est proemium. Textus primus. Explicata a nobis in prioribus communium eventuum consideratione, nimirum quae et natura praecedit, et plurimum valet in peculiarium… Expositio. Audio rationes Ptolomei in hoc textu…. (60r-77v) [book iv] Liber quartus. De iudiciis. Caput primum. Textus primus. Proemium. Dicit in hoc tex<tu> — (77v) fratris eius Finis. (78r-79v) [additional notes] In caput de vitis (?) epatis adve… (?). Textus 44. Dicit Ptol<emaeus> quod — Soli luxuriosos efficit.’

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