Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Work A.4.2

De apparentiis inerrantium et significationibus (tr. Denis Petau)

Book II only (as in Greek, but without the introduction), translated by Denis Petau (1583-1652) and published by him as part of his Uranologium in Paris in 1630, together with his editio princeps of the Greek text in two columns. The Greek manuscript used by Petau is now Paris, BnF, gr. 2390.

Text ‘(ed. Paris 1630) ‘Ptolemaei de apparentiis inerrantium et significationibus, Dyonisio Petavio interprete. Mensis Thoth sive September. Hora XIV, qua eest in cauda Leonis oritur Hipparcho. Etesiae desinunt. Eudoxo pluviae, tonitrua — quarum dies longissimus inter horas aequinoctiales XIV et XV continetur.’

Bibl. C. Wachsmuth, Iohanni Laurentii Lydi Liber de ostentis et calendaria Graeca omnia, Leipzig, 1897, lii-lviii; J. L. Heiberg, Claudii Ptolemaei opera quae exstant omnia, II: Opera astronomica minora, Leipzig, 1907, clv.

Modern ed. No modern edition, but the text from the 1630 edition was reprinted among Petau’s works twice in the 18th century: Dionysii Petavii Aurelianensis Opus de doctrina temporum, III, Antwerp, Georgius Gallet, 1703, sig. 42-53; and Dionysii Petavii Aurelianensis De doctrina temporum, III, Venice, Bartholomaeus Baronchelli, 1757, sig. 40-53.