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Work C.2.3

Alvaro de Oviedo
Haly Expositiones in Quadripartitum

An epitome of Haly Abenrudian’s commentary on the Quadripartitum omitting Ptolemy’s lemmas. The text covers Books IV, III, I and II (in this order) and does not seem to be based on Egidius de Tebaldis’s translation (C.2.2). The only known witness is in the hand of the philosopher and astrologer Alvaro de Oviedo and is found in a manuscript mainly copied by him in Italy and in Toledo between 1279 and 1282. Alvaro may have worked from the (lost) Spanish version of the text, as he is known to have done in the case of Haly Abenragel’s De iudiciis astrorum (ʿAlī ibn Abī al-Rijāl’s Al-Bāriʿ fī aḥkām al-nujūm) which he translated into Latin on the basis of the Spanish version made by Jehūdā ben Moshe. Alvaro also glossed two other Ptolemaic manuscripts, Madrid, BN, 10009 (olim Toledo 98-20) and Madrid, BN, 10053 (olim Toledo 98-21), the latter of which contains two versions of the Quadripartitum (A.2.1 and A.2.2), something which may explain why the present epitome covers Haly’s commentary only and not Ptolemy’s text. Haly Expositiones in Quadripartitum contains an additional chapter consisting of Pseudo-Ptolemy’s Liber proiectionis radiorum stellarum (B.6) followed by a note on the projection of rays said to have been borrowed from Haly’s commentary on the Quadripartitum.

Text ‘(Madrid, BN, 10063) Expositiones in quartum Quadripartiti et sunt sententie Haly. Res igitur in quibus ea que ante partum: De hoc quod ea que ante partum sunt super parentes et fratres — (22ra) quia vapores iam incipiunt annullari et desiccari primum. Explicit. Domino Ihesu Christo gratie infinite. Amen, amen, amen. (22rb) [additional chapter] Cum proiectionem radiorum stellarum scire volueris, scias gradus ascendentis… Hunc eundem modum docet Haly super textum (?) Quadripartiti. Dixit Haly: Scias quod hec equatio accipitur per 4 angulos proportionaliter, cuius primus est medietas arcus diei, scilicet 6 hore — prime Quadripartiti.’

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