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Work C.1.22

Johannes Regiomontanus
〈Annotationes et calculationes in Almagesti〉

Scattered notes and calculations concerning various parts of Books I-III of the Almagest, introduced by a preface. These notes and calculations are found in a unique manuscript in Regiomontanus’s hand, except for a portion copied by Cardinal Bessarion. Zinner dates these notes to c. 1463 and speculates that they may have served as a preliminary to the Problemata Almagesti, a work to which Regiomontanus refers several times in his works and letters, but which appears to be lost.

Text ‘(Venice, BNM, Fondo antico gr. Z. 526) Vulgatum est apud geometricas quantitatem anguli plani et rectilinei dependere… (208r) Ad quintum capitulum libri III. Ponatur arcus eccentrici…’.

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